One-off Reliable Fax Service

Hi All,

my bag got stolen a few days ago and Latitude insurance requires Post/Fax to file a Merchandise claim. Unfortunately the due date of my protection for one of the items is on the 7th March so would prefer the 'instant' option instead of the posting which has no time guarantee. Unfortunately my family doesnt have access to fax machines.

Does anyone know any online fax service that actually works, and is a one-off payment rather than subscribing to some monthly plan? Or preferably an Android app which I can use my Google Rewards credit on? I would prefer online/mobile instead of going to a physical store as it is a bit hard to cart around my baby by myself. Or does anyone know the store with cheapest rates ie. Officeworks (not sure if they still fax as I couldnt find it on their website) or AusPost?


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