Bulmers Original Cider 24x 330ml Bottles $48 Delivered @ CUB via Kogan


Not a bad price if you like your Bulmers.

Stella 24x330ml @ $40 seems pretty good too.

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    The Stella is the light version.


      So you mean the version made in Australia ( as there is also the Original/better Belgium one, and also the UK version )?

      Just had a look at the CUB-beer ebay site and they show the Stella with a different printed box and states "Brewed in Belgium/Bottled in Germany and 5% Alcohol @ $46.75, so maybe Kogan just has old picture, or old/different stock ?).


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        Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant to say that the Stella mentioned in the OP is Legere low alcohol (3.5% light) version of Stella vs around 5%. The regular Stella is ~5% and costs more than $40.

        Not sure on where its brewed etc.


          Thanks. I did not even know that there is a light low alcohol version , that explains the different box printing from Kogan with Legere ( bit confusing as this is the City name where Stella originated ) printed on it.

          Unless you really want/need lighter beer, for an extra $6.75 better getting the full strength from cub-beer ebay currently which IS brewed in Belgium ( the best full strength brew ).


    Both made in Australia


    TIL Kogan sell alcohol :o

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      It’s Carlton united brewing (CUB) selling it and shipping it on the Kogan marketplace.

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