3 Stage Ceiling Light Switch Question

I have an LED ceiling light, it has 3 modes warm/white bright/white brighter. They are cycled through by turning the light on and off from the single wall switch.

Is there a 3 gang switch I can install/buy that will allow me to turn on a specific mode without having to cycle and turn on and off the single wall switch?

Thinking something like the below but don't know how the wiring would work

Any ideas?


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    Not a sparky but I was reading your post and went watt. Pretty sure that won't work. The programming is in the light and no other switch configuration will change that.


    I could be wrong. I ain't no Sherlock Ohms.


    You can emulate the switch action with some DIY circuitry (Arduino or RPI, relays and a 4 gang switch) but you can't do that with just the switch you mentioned. Those specific responses to the switch on/off action is coded into the chip inside the light globe and changing the switch to a multi-gang one would not have the same response.The whole purpose of these lights is to be used as a scene light and change the color temperature to match the setting when needed. If you want to achieve the outcome you are after, change the light to a smart RGB globe and adjust color/temperature with an app and some presets.

    If you have the Philips hue system, you can do something similar with the Hue Tap Switch

    A dimmer switch could be another alternative even though dimming is not exactly what you are trying to do here.


    Nope, each time the power is 'cut' to the device, it moves onto the next mode.


    Thanks for the replies guys!

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