Help Deciding on Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 34inch

Hey guys,

Need help deciding on a gaming monitor for my new computer. I have narrowed down to the following three based on reviews and my budget.

  1. Acer Predator X34P
  2. ASUS PG349Q ROG

The cheapest of the three being Acer, but the other two are roughly $300 bucks more.

I'm planning on playing driving simulators, and FP Shooters (COD, CSGO).

My setup.

Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte 2070 Super Windforce OC
16gb DDR 4 3600 ram
500gb Samsung 970 evo plus NVME
MSI Pro Carbon gaming B450 MB.

Your recommendation is appreciated. If it makes a difference I'm planning on picking up in Brisbane area. So if anyone has good places with excellent pricing on the above monitors please feel free to let me know


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    Unless you feel like the Acer is missing something that the Asus or MSI has, isn't the logical choice Acer?
    If you've done your homework on reviews etc then it seems to make sense.

    Otherwise if you're after everyone's varying opinions and price doesn't concern me since it's your money :)
    MSI has the highest refresh rate (144 vs the others 120) and also a tighter curve at 1800R vs 1900R. Plus it's got the RGBs.

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    I have a 34” Ultrawide as well, great decision. Go with the Acer mate, even though the MSI is 144hz, it’s VA whilst the Acer is IPS (IPS has superior colours). You won’t notice the 24hz anyway.

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      IPS is good, missed that one. Though some hate it if they get a bad unit with bad glow/bleed.

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    Your setup is veey close to the one I'm waiting on and will also be getting a 34" 21:9.

    As above, if you are ok with the reviews of the cheaper model, why pay more. On the othwr hand, you'll have it for years, so a little more now if you think it would be a little better is likely worth it.

    Personally, my current cheapie monitor is IPS, my work monitor is LG 34" IPS, I couldnt go back to VA.

    I am lucky enough to likely be getting the LG equivelant through work connections for free, only time in my long career that I've been able to get something cool out of it (other than moneys).

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    1 and 2 are using the same panel.

    3 is significantly better using a 144Hz panel with HDR mapping.

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    I got a Kogan one for $500 and couldn't be happier with it. You should look at doing that and saving your $500 for a graphics card update in the future.


      agreed from all the reviews i have seen, the LG rates very highly and I do like the clean look. However it is slightly out of my budget. The most I could stretch for a monitor was $1000-$1300, which puts the above list in my price range with Computer Alliances special on monitors at the moment.

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        Have the monitor and honestly for 1/2 the price, at $700 on sale, the X34P is a no brainer if you have an NVIDIA card. I wouldn't say I regret purchasing the LG, but I can definitely think of a use for that money.


          I couldn't justify the extra money given that I will probably upgrade in the future when the new tech becomes cheaper.

          But man you scored a deal and a half paying $700 for the x34p! Congrats true ozbargainer!


            @bee200sx: Sorry was not clear. Have the LG, which I bought for $1449, but have seen the X34P at around $700 here. Sorry, looks like that must have been a price error and I remembered wrong. I was saying in retrospect, it's difficult to justify the LG based on the extra $600 I would have saved going with the X34P, with minimal performance difference.

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