Switch Console Price $450 RRP?

Did they increase the RRP? JB sells for $449 console only


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    That was the RRP from the beginning (I could be wrong). All retailers were selling for $399, so it looked like the standard pricing. Maybe Nintendo was offering rebates to them, and that's finished ?

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    The SRP from Nintendo Australia at launch was and still is $469.95, not that anyone on OzBargain would pay that much.


    It's actually a bit below RRP ~$470
    For a while there was a lot of $399 but that might have been due to clearing out of the v1 model.
    The newer model has been around that price (and lower) before

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    The RRP is an arbitary number invented to manipulate your sense of value.

    It has nothing to do with value and it manipulates you automatically and unconsciously even if you know what it's there for.


    In ozbargain, we laugh and mock people that pay RRP prices for anything.

    RRP is just an anchoring psychological tactic that tricks the consumer into thinking that RRP is a 'normal' price for the item when it is actually a marked up and inflated prices at several magnitudes above its cost price. So when the retailers sprout their 20% off sales, consumers jump at the price and buy the item when really the profit margin is still very high.

    Ozbargainers judge prices by previous best prices for an item and not RRP to see if it's a bargain or not (I guess this is still fallible but better than relying on RRP).


    Any deal for the Switch at the moment? Or even any chance to pre-order the Animal Cross Bundle?

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