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SWAMP SU600 USB Recording / Podcasting Microphone $96.75 + Del (Was $129.99) @ SWAMP.net.au


Recording and Podcasting USB Microphone
SWAMP's SU600 usb mic has been designed for home studio voice and vocal recording. Ideal plug and play high quality recording mic for podcasters and home musicians, including headphone output so you can monitor both the mic and playback from a computer.

The SU600 has a large diaphragm condenser capsule similar to the top studio recording microphones, but with the simplicity of an internal A/D converter that outputs a 24Bit/96kHz USB signal for a high quality direct connection to any PC or MAC computer. Compatible with any computer or audio recording software (DAW), the SU600 is plug and play for easy setup and with the 3.5mm headphone output, monitoring yourself or hearing playback tracks whilst you record is possible.

- Large Diaphragm Capsule
- Headphone Output
- 6 Inch Speaker
- Mic Gain and Headphone Level Controls
- Desktop Stand or Large Stand Shockmount
- Plug and Play
- Sampling Eate: 24Bit/96kHz

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    I believe that you are required to put the price now in the title…

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    I'm not sure how legit this coupon offer really is. The Internet Archive shows it was selling for $99.99 (reduced from $149.99) in April 2018 and [$105.59 (reduced from $105.59) in March 2019].

    The first review doesn't really add up. Warren gave it 5 stars but he lists multiple problems.


    We initially tried to get these into some Australian retail stores, listed with a RRP $149.99 which also then shows on the website and we did an initial special launch price of $99.99. Dollar has dropped quite a bit since, so this offer is actually better. There is quite a high MOQ for each order, so we will sometimes offers deals - like this current one, when we land new orders of stock as we get to get some capital back for use elsewhere in the business.

    The review lists an slightly error on "Windows Sound Panel" text, and an issue with one of the legs on his stand.
    The new batch has the windows issue text resolved and we tested other legs when we got that review and none seemed to have that issue. We reached out to the customer and offer a coupon considering.


      Out of interest, how would this compare to say the AT-2020USB or Node-NTUSB?

      Would you put them in a similar performance range? From my little understand of the polar pattern/frequency response would this be more sensitive and pick up more detail?

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    better off getting a cheap interface + a mic for this price. It'll cost 50 dollars more than this but you will have a path forward and will be able to later add things like a processor.


    You can buy a decent Behringer microphone for $22, and a USB-to-cannon cable for $12. Works beautifully with Audacity.


    I've given it a go OP. Look forward to trying it out. Appreciate your return policy online.

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