Cheapest Way to Buy iPhone 11 Outright?

Keen to get my hands on an iPhone 11 outright (work pays my bills, so don't need a plan)

I would like to purchase from a B&M reputable store

Looking at the iPhone 11 128gb Space Grey.

Through the OzBargain Wiki I can get 8% off Harvey Norman Gift Cards through Redeem Your Gift Card, and I can also claim TRS as I'm heading out of the country in early May.

-102.32 (Gift Card)
-127.90 (TRS)
= $1048.78

Any other cheaper options ?? (Apart from just waiting for a bargain to appear)


  • heads up, iPhones (well phones in general) will get you a potential TRS / Customs Flag upon return to Australia
    Sister works for Customs and said they have started flagging iPhones/iPads and their other brand equivalents for check upon return since Jan 2 this year
    ScoMo has flagged more changes to the TRS also to try and recover lost revenue from this system being abused also.

    • Thanks for that, I was just reading up on it. One theory was that a $1279 phone is worth less than the $900 limit once it is used, so as long as you declare coming back in you are all good. Not sure if its worth all the hassle though, especially the drama on the way back in after 2 weeks of debauchery in Bali…

    • Gotta fund that surplus. How good is a surplus?

    • I have read lots about this, however seen no proof this is happening. How would they flag you? You exit the plane, go through the smart gates, grab you luggage and hand over the card to a person who is standing near the exit. They don’t have any info with them just a pen and a stamp to say you are ok to leave or need to go for further screening.

      • irony of this is, someone on my Facebook posted they were stopped this morning coming home from Europe.
        They were asked by the customs officers they still had the iPhone 11 they had declared to TRS when exiting.
        So it is happening.

        Sister wont (can't) tell me how it works, but essentially your flight info is included when you do TRS they flag your passport and when you go through passport control customs are alerted then watch for you when you exit. (that's all she can share)

        • Is this true? I am very scared as I will flying to asia for 6 months and will I have to put it in my form when i return ? what airport does she work in?

  • Salary sac?

    • This. Get someone that can do a salary sacrifice through work. Is about a 40% discount on whatever the purchase price is.

  • Also has anyone purchased gift cards through Redeem Your Gift Card ? I'm guessing as its on the OzBargain wiki it should be reputable ??

  • know anyone who works at apple?

  • Any chance to get iPhone 11 64gb cheaper? I have Goodguys commerical and JB commercial membership, but it's only $25 less than Apple retail price of $1199. And I don't have upcoming overseas trips :(

  • Maybe consider an older model? The last few year's models seem very similar…

    I'm currently trying to figure out an upgrade for my wife's 8 Plus (which she's still very happy with) but the prices of the newer models are just boggling my mind! Need to hold out for a really good deal. The recent Good Guys / Telstra deal is decent, but understand you're not looking for a plan.

  • "I'm heading out of the country in early May"

    **No you're not! :)