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Uniden DECT1735+3 Cordless Phone Quad Pack - $88 at The Good Guys + The Good Guys eBay Store


Hi, first time post.

Was looking for a new set of home phone. Officeworks and JB hi-fi were selling at $119.

Got a price beat at my local Officeworks > $83.60.

Works with NBN. Also manage to pair 2 of my old 1635s to the new set.

Also on Ebay.

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    People still use these?


      The ones that use Bluetooth to connect to a mobile are very handy. Charge your mobile and not miss any texts/calls. Or if you are like me and tend to leave the mobile behind while you are doing house work, gardening etc a nearby handset will ring/alert.

      You can set them up with a mobile only connection and old people cope OK, they don't even notice it isn't a landline. I don't think I'd buy a new set of phones without Bluetooth.


      OK snowflake

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    What's a landline??

    I pulled mine out of the wall as the only people that call us are telemarketers.

    We make all outgoing calls on mobiles on unlimited plans. Doesn't make sense to pay extra for calls on landline when mobiles it's already included.


      Some may have those elders who wish to call a landline, rather than paying premium to a mobile (from a landline).

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        I got around this by setting them up with their own pre-paid plan with unlimited:
        - calls to landline
        - calls interstate
        - calls to mobile nationwide

        They do not call overseas, all family in Aus.

        Set it to autopay the 1st of every month.

        They now pay less than they used to and can call everywhere for a set price per month. Winning.


      Agreed. Even when we had a free phone plan it didn't make sense to leave the phone plugged in to the wall.


        Disagree. I have a home VOIP phone (not listed in whitepages, so it never gets telemarketers). I use a triple-cordless handset, similar to this one, connected to my VOIP box. Anyone who rings my mobile runs a fair chance that I will be at work when they call, and they'll be interrupting my work. So family and friends call me on the home phone, unless it's an emergency. If I'm still at work, they leave a message on my home phone's answering machine, and I ring them back when I get home.

        And relatives without mobiles can call me for the cost of a local call, rather than paying fixed-to-mobile rates.

        Also good for when you call businesses - they don't get your mobile number, so they can't call you at your workplace and get you in trouble with your boss.

        VOIP lines are cheap, so you can have one phone number that you give to friends and family, and another that you use to call businesses.

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    Perfect for a 50th wedding anniversary gift

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    First time in ozbargain I got talked out of buying something. Thanks guys.


      I know what you mean - have voip phoneline thrown in with my NBN and never used it. Just have a cheap mobile phone for the kids to use around the house for the odd times they are left home alone.


        I have voip included free too and have no idea what it even is or how to activate it or use it shrug


          You can plug a normal phone into your modem and once configured, calls are made over the internet, rather than your landline. Calls charges would be available from your ISP. You can also buy VoIP only phones but not necessary if you have a VoIP enabled modem.