Auspost Parcel Collect - How to Input Addresses in AliExpress

I'm wondering how to input parcel collect for auspost and to see if it indeed works
Like For Address Line 2, would you input in apartment, unit etc field in aliexpress as there is 2 lines typically for parcel collect. Thanks for any help wondering to ensure my parcel gets delivered haha

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    you new to online shipping?. legit

    • nah i'm genuinely making sure, i don't use parcel collect much and i'm wondering if it works with online retailers

      • It works great. Just have to be mindful that Australia Post parcel locker or collect will only accept deliveries from auspost or startrack. So watch out for who the carrier is.

        When it comes to anyone international, as far as I understand from talking to auspost, if the sender ships with their country national Post Office, it will come into Australia to be delivered by auspost, so also acceptable. I have not tested this myself so caveat emptor so to speak.

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    Just when you thought Ozbargain Forums couldn't sink any lower…

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    Do it OP! Put parcel locker in 2nd address box.

    • Thanks, for being helpful.

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    QUT actually has a guide explaining how to fill addresses, in special circumstances where multiple address lines exist.

    some systems may ask you to fill 2 lines, but some can ask for up to 4 lines (very rare).

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