Where Is a Cheap Place That sells Football/Soccer Boots?

Hey there a quick question.
Does anyone know of any good websites that sell cheap/runout soccer boots with cheap shipping. I normally buy from sports direct where you can get last season 'elite' or top tier boots for like 150-250 however they seem to be out of stock in my size in every single shoe. Really do not want to drop $400 at rebel sport. Prodirectsoccer is a site ive been checking out but the exchange rate plus shipping just isn't making sense.

Thanks in advance !


  • Did you really get so many kicks last season that those boots are worn out?

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      Yup, time to get a new pair :) Currently taping up the tear I have in what I'm wearing now

  • Check out these. Credit to chaurming.

    • Damn this is so cheap, I would def try these out for that price but unfortunately I'm a 10.5 and they only have 13

      • NB semi frequently have cheap football boots on sale.

      • I am a 10.5 wide, very hard to find soccer boots in that size.

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    Depending on where you live give some of the outlet shops a try. for instance in Sydney at Birkenhead point there is a Nike outlet, or DFO out in Homebush also has some options.

  • The Adidas, Nike and Puma have decent sale prices at their factory outlets. Unfortunately, I find their cheap boots pretty horrible and break within a couple seasons or less. I haven't tried the low tier Asics as they offer stuff at their factory outlets too.

  • Try —-> https://www.mysocceraustralia.com/au.html

    Some very heavily discounted ones
    Maybe cross check the RRP though incase they're inflating the discount

  • If you don't care about brands, just saw this from Concave: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/521222

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