Guidance on Dell XPS 15

Hi Ozb,

I have a convenience issue with Dell XPS 15 laptop, and i'm hoping Ozb can suggest a solution/alternative.

I have the 9560, I believe it's similar to this:

Non touch screen, has a few usb c ports, but is charged via a round/cylindrical cable.

I purchased this for about $2k about 18 months ago. Btw, fwiw, this has been the worst laptop ive ever had. Originally purchased the dell xps 13. 2 separate issues. Dell sending out technicians and wasting everyone's time. Eventually it stopped working again, then got given a partial refund. Stupid me decided to give them another chance and this time purchase XPS 15. Big regret. The battery died in a month or so.

Anyway, that's a different issue. I'm now stuck with a Dell XPS 15 that I paid more than $2k for, with a really crappy battery.

THE ISSUE I HAVE, is that the battery is crap, and the charger is annoying to lug around. My phone requires a USB C charger (Note 10). My work laptop setup is such that I can use my work laptop charger to charge my phone.

So my question is: IS tehre anyway I can charge my XPS with a USB c Charger. And secondly, what would you do in my situation? Buy a cheap/non branded spare battery for $70, and cut your losses and use the laptop as my daily driver as usual? or try to sell this off and buy a non-dell? Or buy a genuine battery?

Other than this, the laptop is fine. I mean the trackpad isnt great, but I use a mouse.

I just want some comfort/guidance from ozb on what would be best

Many thanks tech heads!