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Samsung Galaxy S20 $699 Upfront on 12 Month $65/Month 60GB Telstra Contract @ JB Hi-Fi


Min. cost for plan is $780 + $699 device cost.
Saw it at the North Sydney store. Not sure if other stores are doing it.
Store rep said you can get the pre-order bonus.

Plan includes 60GB/month data.

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      • Surely this cannot be in addition to this deal?

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          It definitely isn't.

          Not sure if that's what ruddiger7 was asking though? Maybe I misread it?

          I was just referring to the 'standard' $400 gift card deal on the $65 plan. Which is still available as its own separate deal.

          • @BW296: Nah, you're right. I meant separate to this deal. I got a S20 Ultra arriving next month from the EPP and $400 giftcard would be great.

  • Does anyone know if any of the S20 5G phones support Dual/Hybrid SIM? I know these ones wouldn't be as they are on Telstra plan but what about the others i.e. outright purchases?

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      All s20's will support dual sim (Esim).

      Telco variants are physical sim, micro sd + Esim.

      Outright variants are hybrid sim (micro sd slot can be used as 2nd sim tray) + Esim.

      • As far as I'm aware all AUS stock will actually be esim+physical regardless of carrier stock or outright

        • Re-read what I posted :)

      • Hi rend586.
        Is this statement correct for all S20?
        4G, 5G, standard, Plus, and Ultra?

        I, like others have heard the standard sim + esim mantra rolled out. I guess we’ll know this week! :-)

  • Would love some information on what the process is like, if I want to transfer my number? Is it:

    1. Place pre-order at JB
    2. After 5th March, phone + Telstra sim delivered
    3. Port in new number?

    Currently on an Optus lease plan, so I would need to hand in my phone to Optus, switch to a sim only plan then port in?

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      I'd be thinking they'd put you on Telstra sim asap and phone later.

      • Interesting, would be great to get some confirmation on this!

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          I know they don't hand out gift cards till the Port is done… But they do give the sim. So on that basis I think that's how it's gonna work. Regardless, surely they want you being billed earlier :)

          • @DisabledUser139667: Good point! Will try and drop in to the store and provide an update soon.

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              @poppingtags: My understanding is, you get the sim(port you over) and pay and preorder the phone now. Then you will pick up the phone once it is released.

    • So what was the process? My partner is in the same position with an Optus lease.

      • Haven't been able to go in yet unfortunately!

      • +1

        So just had a chat to JB, the guys above were 100% correct! You go in, they switch you out of your plan then and there and then you'll get your phone post release.

        So if you want to get out of your Optus lease, you'd need to do that first, THEN go to JB Hifi and switch to Telstra.

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    How much can ya sell this for?

    • Was just thinking about it

    • +7

      You mean like this one here?

      You could have found that yourself quicker than you created your post here.

  • Won't the S20 Be around 1.1k At release and even lower with some Sales? i guess this is a good price for people who need Telstra's coverage and the Data.

    • Even if you can get the phone for $1k, you get telstra plan for under $40 a month which includes 60gb of data.

      • ? How did u reach that calculation min cost of plan is $780, excluding phone costs. That is more than $40 a month…

    • Prices are about 1.3k at the moment

      • +2

        Prices arent 1.3k for the S20, have a look at the all phones deal its $1149.

  • I'm coming to the end of my current 24 month contract with Telstra. Is it possible to port out to a different provider Sim then sign up for this?

    • They say a month in between…. But it's really up to the person you deal with. I've been out a minute once….

    • What u can do is get JB to set u up on a new Telstra contract and then when your original one expires, u get Telstra to transfer the number onto the JB plan. Don't port out because JB won't be able to port it back for 30 days

  • Existing Telstra customer here, whats the most cost effective way to port out so that I can get this deal?

    • Those sim starter packs at Catch Connect are often effectively free.

      Most have cheap starter sims anyway

    • Go to Optus. Pay $2 for prepaid sim and port your number over. Wait for 24-48 hours and port back. Done!

    • Just fyi, you need to wait 30days before being able to port back in again and be classed as a 'new' customer.

      • Good call out~! Where does it state this?

        • Not sure if it states it somewhere but it's definitely correct.

          It was changed not long after these types of deals started as people were taking advantage of it, Telstra employees included.

      • It's not a hard 30 days.

        I ported out for a matter of hours from Telstra to Optus and was still considered a new customer.

  • There is no s20 Ultra offers?

    • No.
      S20 4g 128gb only

  • this aint much of a deal, 700 plus 390 for cancellation its 1090, idk who really goes on those yearly plans anymore, a kogan plan is all most people would need.

    • You're not the majority here. Id say a lot of people are still on plans like this. My parents wouldn't even know of Kogan

      • "your parents" well of-course they would not, its online based company its your job to inform them of the value and i'll bet ur @ass they would be asking you to transfer them on it

    • Well if you look at it this way, based on the scenario you take up this deal and cancel the plan and pay $1090.00.
      It seems like only the educational pricing is better by $10.80.
      I believe you probably qualify for the pre-order buds as well so it seems like a pretty good deal.

      Samsung Educational Price $1079.20 (if you have access)
      Samsung Government Price $1146.00 (if you have access)
      Allphones 15% off $1146.00

      • Not everyone can get access to EDU or GOV pricing.

        • +2

          100% correct, most consumers won't have access which is why this deal is quite good for what is currently on offer.

  • +3

    Shame this deal is not for the S20+

    • The S20+ deal is available at the good guys only.

  • +1

    Confirmed offer is also available in Brisbane CBD.


  • +1

    Saw this deal at JB Woden. Asked about S20+ and told no but maybe closer to release date. So it might be worth holding out in case they’re trying to clear S20 stock first.

    • I just got the s20+ with the $400 gift card offer, I would be quite annoyed if they had a new better offer in the next few days

  • Can we pay with discounted gift cards?

    • +1

      Can't see why not

  • Comes to $123 a month for 1 year.

    $61.50 a month for 2 years.

  • Question
    1. Can you upgrade the plan to a $80 plan, I was told you can't. Though I cant understand why not?
    2. Do you recieve an extra 10GB of data allowance for porting out to Telstra or $10 off the plan?

    • From what I can tell, the JB 65 plans are actually not as good as the usual Telstra ones - for example, they don't include international calls I believe.

      1. Officially no, not without incurring ETC's , as the JB Hifi Plan is a contract whilst the $80 (and other telstra plans) are month to month. Some have previously had success.
      2. Not something officially offered, again some have had success with chat rep's at Telstra adding the $10 discount.
  • What's the best no-contract deal going? Not interested in a contract.

    • +2

      If you have an edu email, Samsung edu store + $50 newsletter signup discount + 10% cashback from rakuten.

      • Thanks, but I might know a couple of people that do…

  • I'm on Woolies $20/m plan and I don't think this deal is good for me compared to student portal rate if my math is right
    Total for this deal is $1479
    On Woolies $20/m for 12m = $240 + Student $1079.2 - $50 discount = $1269.2

    The difference obviously is earbuds vs charger and 60gb data which I don't care much for (can't even use up 6gb that Woolies offer)

    any thoughts?

    • +3

      For you, probably not.
      But for those who want Telstra + 60GB data and a little bit of extra cash flow, then this is a good deal.

      Also, I am not associated with JB Hi-Fi - not sure why it thinks I am and I can't unselect it.

  • This would be great if I was looking for a new deal, Unfortunately telling Optus I was considering leaving made them upgrade my data on my $39 plan ($35 after student discount) to 40gb a month and I can't find anything comparable at the moment.

    • Amayasim 100gb, calls/text 10 country calls $30 (optus reseller)

      • Amazimg

    • Hey mate I am a student too, how you get a student discount with them?
      I haven't been able to.

      • I got mine through https://offer.optus.com.au/studenthub
        Keep an eye on your bill as well though, the first months charges were normal for me and I had to complain to optus, they ended up waiving the first months fees and applying the discount for the following month.

  • +1

    Does anyone know how much shows on the receipt?

    • $1,349. They basically give you a $650 gift voucher to use towards the phone.

  • better to get this on this deal or get the s20 ultra with the 400 off? basically this works out to be an additional 250 off.

  • Pardon my ignorance but can someone educate me how this is a deal? the $500 applies to any phone so its nothing special.
    Last year they had the S10e at $99 now that's a deal as even with the $500 off it would still cost more?
    I guess people are doing this and cancelling the contract so they can less than RRP?

    • +2

      $1349 minus $500 is $849 where this is $699. Then the 60GB data plan is only over 12 months. The $500 discount was for 24 month plans, on the 12 month it's a $400 gift card. Seems like pretty good value to me, but on Boost so cannot get it without porting out and waiting.

      • Ah makes sense I was thinking of EDU pricing.

  • Can I port in from Aldi mobile to this plan?

  • Thanks OP.

    Picked this deal up today, they credit $650 onto a gift card then use that off the RRP of the phone.

    I've seen a few people in here say it's ONLY for the S20 4G, however the assistant did ask me at the end, "which model do you want?" So I kind of got the feeling you could possibly get $650 off any model S20 if you are nice to the assistant… I can't confirm though as I just went for the cheapest $699 option.

    • Which JB hifi you go to?

    • It IS only for the S20 4g option.

      It's likely the rep you spoke to wasn't aware of all the details.

      • So if the assistant isn't aware of the details… Would there have been anything stopping him processing the $650 gift card onto any other phone?

        Even the manager who had to come over to process the gift card claim said "is this being used straight away on the phone?" As if to say I could have just walked out of the store with the $650 gift card.

        • Possibly not. It would just go down as an 'error' on their end.

          The phone gets sold out at normal retail price, with the $650 worth of gift cards immediately applied to the transaction.

          They could have applied it to another variant or given you $650 in gift cards 'by mistake' but both are definitely not part of this deal.

          Would be a case of you getting lucky.

          • @BW296: does that mean I cant TRS this if I got this deal?

            • @trarob: You can.

              Receipt shows normal retail price, just with 650 deducted in giftcards.

              Get them to put your name on receipt as it's over $1000 (Pretty sure it's a requirement for TRS claims over 1k)

  • Does anybody know how do I get the Rakuten 10% discount that people are talking about here? It seems like Rakuten does not operate in Australia. I can only find the US website.

  • So who has signed up and already received the phone ?
    They (Westfield Sydney CBD) were having some porting issue over the weekend so we couldnt process the order but they will honour.

  • what is the process for cancelling? Do I just go to another carrier and get them to port the number again?

  • +1

    Got an sms from JB and picked mine up just now!

    • Is it nano SIM + eSIM + nano SIM/MicroSD card (hybrid slot)? So technically you can use as a triple SIM phone?

      • +1

        Nope, it's eSim with SIM + Micro SD. I had to go into a Telstra shop to get the eSim ported over.

        • +1

          Thank You.

  • +1

    Just went in to JB to sign up, and will take one home with me. They have them waiting in store.

  • lol Sydney Westfield CBD store told me to pick up on 6th March, I signed up yesterday

  • can someone help me with this.

    will JBHIFI match the $1599 512gb S20 Ultra 5G which is here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518177
    then discount with the $400 gift card so the phone would now cost $1199

    then in Telstra live chat negotiate down the $65 plan to $45 for a total cost of 1739 with earbuds

    it seems this is for first time customers and I already got a plan with JBHIFI last year

    is there a better offer I am missing?

    • Nope, JB wont price match EPP.

    • Has anyone successful negotiated $20pm off this plan via live chat? Or any sort of discount?

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