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Hi guys,

I have started a second charity last December and it is now properly taking shape where several people participate.
What I would like to do is to print T-shirts for the volunteers with the name of the charity on it (maybe a logo although one needs to be drawn first) as that will make recognition easier and at the same time also advertise the charity and make it better known.
Now, my question to you is:

How can I get those T-Shirts printed as cheap as possible? Is it Vistaprint? Or another online business? Or something local (Hobart) which I missed during my research?

We do not get grants or any type of funding at the moment but merely deal with donated items (but not money).

If you have any ideas, that would be greatly appreciated.



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    Have you approached a few businesses in your area and asked them for sponsorship to cover your printing costs?

    You could print their name next to your logo as 'free' advertising for them.

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      I thought about that and will probably do that if there is no other possibility. As we are still young we are not incorporated yet which makes it more difficult to get donations because we cannot give receipts for tax deductions.
      But if I cannot find anything I can afford I will definitely try to go down this route.
      Thank you very much for the suggestion - very much appreciated.


    Cheapest is not always the best when it comes to clothing - particularly when you are using the said garments to advertise your business charity. If you don't care that the t-shirts will look tatty and shabby after 10 washes, go the cheap option. Otherwise spend a bit more and get something that is going to present well and last a reasonable chunk of time.

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      True, you are right. So maybe I should reformulate and ask what is the best value option out there.


    Buy the T-shirts yourself and get those iron on transfers printed at your local copy shop. look at youtube for DIY guides.


      DIY screen-print is another option, a bit trickier but scales up well.


        I will have a look at that but not certain my computer could run the necessary software (it is pretty old and lame for image work). Maybe I can use one of the work PCs if I figure out how to do it.
        Thank you for the help and advice.


    Always want to help you out Lys, you are wonderful for the community and I'm glad things are shaping up for your charity.

    Not local, but i have used Kaien's store on aliexpress multiple times for their custom shirts, mostly photos

    Best price and good communication. However with the current china delays, I think your orders will take at least one month from now.


      Great. I will have a look at this once I am home.
      So many good suggestions which I will all follow up.
      Thank you very much all.

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