[Solved]Safe to Go on a Cruise during Easter Weekend?

Hi guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I have a question about planning a cruise during Easter weekend.

Is it safe to plan a 3 nights cruise during Easter weekend amidst corona virus risk?
It's a on-sea cruise only. I am not getting off anywhere.

Your feedback much appreciated.

UPDATE: Finally decided not to go. Thank you so much for help guys.


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    Should be fine.

    Unless someone boards it and is suspected to be infected then all of you are potentially quarantined for 14 days.

    As for who the passengers are, thats entirely out of your control.

    Should be fine(?)

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    At present situation. it is fine.
    but no one know what will it be in 1-2 months? May get worst/better, but it is getting worse and spreading worldwide unfortunately currently?
    Just be prepared for the worst.

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    I would suggest going to a resort than cruise. No point taking any risk, recreation vs life, you know what to choose

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    I think 3 days is pretty low risk, even if it turns out someone had it it make not be picked up that quickly and could be back in Australia at home. 2 weeks at home wouldn't be too bad!

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    3 days trip and u might get 14 days free, free porn, food

    might get a free flight to.christmas island or darwin

    what a bargain

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    I saw Gilligan's Island once… avoid the "three hour cruise"


    You might arrive back all good but find the country under quarantine instead…it might be you choosing to not get off and not the other way around!

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    Why would you want to stick yourself in a tin can for 3 days and not get off?

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    It's a on-sea cruise only. I am not getting off anywhere.

    You CAN'T get off even if you want to.
    I wouldn't. It's a friggin petri dish.
    Who are you going with? Organise a house party instead.

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    no way

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    I would think the corona virus is the least of your worries. Make sure you have medical insurance (but that won't cover any corona virus related issues).

    Most important on a cruise ship, wash you hands (with soap & water) often especially before you eat. Tummy bugs are the most common illness on ships, especially with buffets.

    Apart from that, go forth & enjoy.