SMS about Unknown Payment


I was contacted by some random number saying

"Hi there, I have just checked my bank statement and it seems there has been a payment to this phone number under the name of R TRAM with the description “Mervy - OzBargain” - I don’t recognise this transaction, and unless my memory has gone bad, I have no idea who you are. Can you please enlighten me?"

Long story short this was for a switch family membership which I got payment for but apparently someone used this guys card and he doesn't know what a switch or ozb is. I told him that he should contact his bank and get it sorted. He agreed to this and contacted his bank.

3 days later he contacts me saying that his family is soon to pass and could I just refund him the $8 not knowing who this person is I refused as he could be a scammer. I again told him to contact bank as that is the best option as they could further investigate.

He then contacts me again saying why aren't you replying are you the individual who made the fraudulent payment. This is doing my head in again. I literally told him again go to the bank if you have this much time to harass me while you have and family member who is about to pass but rather contact me than the bank the you are a complete idiot…

Funny thing is he threatens to say that I am assisting a fraud case and he would be making a Ozb account and informing people of my scams and the frauds I've committed.

I took my time to help this guy track down a name whilst working. He constantly goes "have you seen my message above?". Giving the best advice but not taking it… Trying to be helpful but how do I help someone that simply can't listen to advice?

What do you guys think I should do? I've just ignored this idiot as noone is as good as the bank when it comes to investigation and securing your bank account…


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