Were Can I Find Cheap Pokemon Toys?

seems quite expensive in the few places i can even find any, any idea were i could get some cheap ones so i can buy bunch?


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    Legit Pokemon licensed ones are always pricey.. even in Japan
    You can buy knock offs from $2 shops and Etsy

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    of u want legit ones head to a discount toy story like toymate, they might have some on discount

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    Probably buying bootlegs is the cheapest option.
    I suggest Aliexpress for getting them. Just make sure to look at the feedback and the images to make sure they look alright (as some bootlegs look really weird).

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    I amassed a huge collection by biding my time and checking EB games bargain bins. Got the entire Eevee collection for mostly $4-9 each in boxes. 20cm+ Gengar, Haunter and Ninetales for $9. Those cool Pokémon cushions for $4. A snorlax beanbag for something like $70. Keep checking the online stock at both zing and EB because price's differ for some reason. Forager pickachu was over $20 difference depending on whether I went to a zing counter or EB..in the same store!
    I've never really had luck anywhere else for licenced stuff. Thinkgeek when they used to have free delivery going. Shin Tokyo sucks.

    Sad part is I had to sell almost all of it when we moved to the yatch. Even the ones I did keep are taking up alot of space.