14" Notebook Suggestions & Claiming TRS

Hi everone

I am looking to buy a new laptop with 16 GB RAM & 14' inch form factor. Currently after my own search, I have almost made up my mind to buy the LENOVO YOGA S740 (14).


My questions are:


Is there any other laptop sub $2ooo, that offers the latest tech like lenovo is doing with this one. e.g. 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7, 16GB Soldered LPDDR4X-3733, etc.?


I have an upcoming international trip in April, I was thinking of claiming TRS on the laptop, but then I read reports of people being heckled by the Custom officers on their return trip.

Can anybody comment how risky that is ? What are the odds of that happening in reality?


With atleast 3-4 upcoming years in your mind, do you guys think that this machine will still be able to compete and perform well?


Also to existing Lenovo laptop owners, how will you rate the after sales warranty and support services? Is their a local service centre in Melboune region?


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    Looking at the same model so interested to read comments too. Trying to work out what the cheapest way to purchase would be - seems to be a mixture of current cashback offers (17%) + potential discount code


      I am also waiting for a deal with less shipping time, as the current one that is on deal takes more than 4 weeks of shipping.

      And the one that's readily available is for 2300$$.


    No comments. That's strange.


    2) Never happened to me


      How many times you have tried to do something like that?
      And did you declare your goods on the Incoming Passenger card?

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