Double Adapter for Fridge and Microwave - No Go?

Hey all,

I almost bought this 10A/2400W double adapter earlier for my microwave and fridge, however I couldn't figure out if the Amps/Watts was safe.

Power inputs are as below, the general details of each device can be seen here

Microwave | LG Neochef 23L | 230W-240W
Fridge | Samsung SR216NME | 100W-130W

If I can't plug these into the same socket I might end up with a microwave in the bedroom haha. Please let me know if you think this could work.


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    That’s fine.. that only adds up to about 1.5 amps. Most house plugs are rated to 10 amps or about 2400watts.

    Watts / volts = amps

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      Isn't he quoting the voltage on the microwave, not the wattage? 1150W. Still Ok though

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        That’s what I was just editing in my comment above, (but you replied and now I can’t edit it) that the 230~240 sounds like voltage. It seemed pretty piss poor for a microwave.

        1,280 / 240 = 5.1 amps, still well below the 10amp capacity. And the microwave would not be running 100% duty cycle anyway.


          can also depend on what else is on the same circuit. there may be more than 1 wall outlet on the same circuit.

          Typically your safety switch will trip if you go over anyway

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    Your microwave uses 1150W (not 230-240), but it's still fine to use with that double adapter. Just not with a kettle/electric frypan/other high current device.

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    You cannot plug a fridge and a microwave into the same double adapter.

    The fridge cools products and the microwave heats products. Using the same adapter will result in both appliances causing the food to be room temp.

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      Just plug the A/C into the same plug so the fridge and microwave can be reverse cycle for heating and cooling!

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    expensive double adapter. wouldn't a cheapo powerboard do the same job?

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      This. If you buy one with a 10a (2400w) circuit breaker you can’t go wrong.

      It shouldn’t trip with the loads you have listed, but if it does, your fridge will no keep cooking so would pay to keep an eye on it. Not hard if he microwave is plugged into the same board and has a clock visible on the front.

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    maybe just get an piggy back extension lead

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