Best Smart Kettle

Hey all,

My old Big W kettle has cooked itself to death after many years of service.

I drink a lot of tea and coffee so I was looking at getting a schmancy smart kettle. E.g. one which has temperature control.

First thought was the Xiaomi Smart Kettle which is on sale for around $70 at the moment. However there are plenty of options so I figured I would canvas the crowd.

Thanks for any help!


  • why not use a thermos to keep water hot rather using electricity to maintain water temp or having to keep boiling water.

    I have a 1.2lt thermos. I boil the water place hot water in the thermos have multiple ups of tea and water through out the day. and when it is low top it up again with boiling water.

    • Hey Archii, fair point, I do use my thermos' a lot. I probably used the wrong term, I guess I meant 'target temperature'. E.g. heat to 92 degrees instead of just boiling or something like that.

  • Why does it need smart temperature control? Do you really need it, after all you’ve survived with a big w special so far.

    If it’s got more parts it won’t last as long and will cost more.

    • Fair point, I may have used the wrong term for the feature I'm after. I'm keen for one that can hit a desired temperature, e.g. 92 degrees instead of just boiling it to 100.

  • No budget, eh? That opens up possibilities…

    Bling option
    Classic option

  • Whatever you do, don't buy this one

    There's a reason its $49 bucks. It's noisy - as in an electrical buzz. The lid/flap breaks easily. The temperature control isn't even close to accurate.

    I'd recommend the Sunbeam ones but don't think they have one under $100 sadly.

    • Yeah - I have bad experiences with a lot of cheap appliances. The Big W kettle did surprisingly well but its time has come eventually.

  • I thought water still boiled at 100 deg, no matter how smart the kettle

  • I have the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable Kettle and I am very happy with it. Has lasted for many years.

    I had a Breville prior to this but it would take longer to get temperature (element would just turn on and off until it was at temperature) and then it started leaking.

    • We had the Cuisinart for about 4 yrs, was happy with it but recently it started leaking (via the level gauge somewhere I think) so it had to go. A shame because apart from that it worked great.

      After having a good laugh at the price of kettles in Myer etc, we bought this one from Amazon, so far so good. Looks like it's currently on special for $63 too.

  • I have been using the Xiaomi one so I'm pretty happy with the kettle. It's been 1.5 years and it's still working well, easy to clean and pretty good at maintaining the temp.

    Only issue is the temperature only does in 5 degrees increment, the Bluetooth connection sometimes drop (it won't affect the heating function tho) and the cable is pretty short (around 1 m or less), otherwise it is as good as I expected.

    • Got one from Amazon and it died after the first day! Bluetooth was fine, but the heating tubes had a malfunction. Once the return is sorted I will just reorder one, I liked the build, size, noise and all that just fine.

      • Good thing that you purchased it from Amazon as they have pretty good return policy.

        Mine was from GearBest with several weeks wait, so I guess I was lucky that it works just fine.

        I quite like how quiet the kettle too even when the water is heating up, the only noise was just from the water bubbles and the beep once it reaches the temperature.

        PS: I used mine as a mini sous vide too, quite decent for making onsen eggs!