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Women Leather Belt - US $13.49 / $20.66 AUD Delivered + Free Face Masks @ JASGOOD (HK)


The women leather belt is made of soft leather strap which will give you a smooth and comfortable touch feel.Unlike most leather belts that easily break off after a couple of times wearing, this belt is durable and can last for long time.

The special design golden buckle is a shinning point of the leather belt. The buckle is made of solid alloy, it is with good glossiness and rust-resistance. With this buckle design, the belt can be a beautiful accessory for your outfits.

Plus there's free masks as a gift per order.

Just feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns

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  • What's this about face masks? XD I don't see any reference on the page about that. And are we talking beauty face masks or surgical face masks? :V

      • Mate, nobody needs a surgical face mask other than healthcare workers. It's idiots like you who are making it ridiculously hard for people like me who need it for work.

        For anyone asking, no, I'm not wearing it for the virus, it's just part of our regular infection control requirements. No mask, I can't work, patients go untreated.

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          Mate, as novel coronavirus is spreading around the world, we think people may need surgical face mask

          • @JASGOOD:

            we think people may need surgical face mask


            TL;DR? wash your hands properly, sneeze into your elbow.

            Also - what face masks should people have? If needed, we would be looking at simple surgical masks so the wearer reduces the likelihood of spreading pathogens. The only mask that may block airborne particles is an approved N95 mask, and in order to be effective they need to fully seal airways. Try wearing these for an extended period of time and report back.

            Have a neg for the deal and the comment.

        • Mate, nobody needs a surgical face mask

          Our house has always kept face masks around so if one person catches a cold, it doesn't spread through the entire household (combined with cleaning shared areas like toilets and showers after use). If more people followed these practices viruses wouldn't spread nearly as fast and far through the community.

          But alas, it's hard enough getting the average feral Australian to cover their mouth…or to sanitize/wash their hand after covering their mouth before touching a communal door handle etc.

          A pandemic might teach some people basic hygiene.

          • @PainToad: That's if they've already got the cold, it reduces the splatter a bit. Someone who has nCov-2019 should be doing more than just wearing a mask.

            It sounds like your household also ramps up other measures which would definitely greatly reduce infection rate. People are filthy, better coughing and sneezing habits as well as more frequent and better handwashing would go a long way to reduce the issue - as you have said.

  • I've never known a leather belt to break after a "couple of times wearing"
    -this belt is PU thermoplastic polymer not leather.

  • Hey, anyone tried this before? How good is it?