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20% off Optus Mobile Broadband 500GB $68/Month (Month-to-Month)


Repost of the previous deal (

Pretty good deal, only $3 more than the 200GB plan. Month to month contract is a nice sweetener.

Save yourself some $$ and get a modem from 2SG instead of Optus (

(PS, I asked for an extra 20% off the 200GB plan for 24 months, which they gave without any issues via the Optus chat)

Critical information summary

Minimum cost over 24 months is $1632.

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  • Unfortunately it seems like you cannot check out without buying one of their modems. So at least another 216AUD if you want a month-month plan….

    • If you ask their livechat it is possible to get the plan without a modem, I did this about 3 months ago. YMMV.

    • You can walk into their store, ask to purchase a month-to-month plan. I did this couple of weeks ago.

    • Just chat you can get without a modern. I am using with CISCO 819 with average download speed 45Mpbs.

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    Get the b818. The resale on that is huge.

    • Can't even find any on Facebook market place

      • Exactly

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    It should be better than NBN - 5 dropout every month from NBNco

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      I've replaced my NBN with this.

  • interesting they've removed the unlimited streaming of netflix and spotify on these new plans (as opposed to the $80/m plans for 24 months with tablet from late 2018)

    • @matthewperk the Optus 5g plans are unlimited and include when you use 4g ( for when 5g is not available )

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      I don't believe home wireless broadband has ever had unlimited streaming.

      You could run a hotspot from a mobile/tablet data plan, but this was never technically allowed by the terms.

      • Post title is misleading, this is Wireless Broadband, not Mobile Broadband.
        The Mobile Broadband plans did (and maybe still do) have the option to add SD Netflix, iView, SBS On Demand and Music Streaming for an extra $5/month.
        Wireless Broadband never did.

  • Any sort of speed guarantees with this kind of connection ?

    • No

    • no. generally my speeds in a metro area are good. but at 3pm is slows to a crawl for a short period as the school kids get out.

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    Do you get a real IP address or are you stuck with CGNAT? It doesn't have to be static: I'd like a real IP address for port-forwarding, etc.

    • it is cgnat

    • No static IP address. No dynamic IP address. You're to stick with CGNAT.

  • I'm assuming this would be no good for gaming server latency? Hopefully a free upgrade to 5G down the line would resolve this, if so.

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      Hot spot with your mobile, see how it goes…

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      My pings are under 20ms

      I don't game so I have no idea if this is good enough.

    • Depends on how close to the tower you are and line of sight etc

      Probably wont be as good as real fibre but 'can' get close

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    Can confirm that via livechat, Optus are matching the 20% off offer on the 500GB plan on the 200GB plan also, which brings it down from $65/month to $52/month

    • Have tried twice - logged in (to try getting the 25% additional service discount, but was pushed back saying that's only for mobile plans?), and while not logged in - also pushed back saying they wouldn't match the 20% offer for 200GB.

  • Am I right in assuming this data wont data pool with my other 2 mobile plans?

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      you are correct.

  • Aren't the 24 month plans also month-to-month now? Just pay out the device.

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  • For anyone to even consider needing so much data wirelessly, they shouldn't consider a plan with excess usage fees. I think it's wrong of optus to not allow this to be capped or throttled at the usage limit.

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      Depends on your usage.
      For my household, we manage perfectly fine on 200Gb/month, usually have around 50Gb left at the end of the month, so we're really not at any risk.
      I have the Optus app on my phone to monitor our usage and my modem is set to drop the connection when we hit 190Gb (as measured by the modem) for the month (although I've never actually tested to see if that feature works)

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      Is there not a way to stop data automatically to prevent excess?

  • Anyone know whether this would work on the Optus Huawei E3372 4G USB Modem?

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    I use Optus Mobile 4G for phone, and speed test comes up with 340/20 . Should I expect similar speeds on this mobile broadband service?

    • Depends on your modem capabilities.
      The B818 should do something comparable.

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    I can recommend Optus Wireless Broadband for home & gaming use. Setup with an external 4G LTE antenna on my roof pointed towards my nearest cell tower I can receive/match speeds of NBN 100 plans: 100Mbps down or higher sometimes & 40Mbps upload. This is dependant on where you live and how much active-use your cell-tower receives. You will receive higher speeds in the off-peak hours. Ping can be fluctuant but usable for gaming without significant/noticeable lag occurring most of the time.

    I have gamed on PC & Xbox one using this & still do and have had flawless & sometimes lagged performance. But nothing to complain about. The only issue if you plan to use this purely for gaming is to watch your game download & update sizes to not chew up the 500GB in the month, I have had this happen once or twice. I have also been able to stream perfectly to twitch using the Wireless Broadband too if anyone is wondering.

    Previously I used to be on the Vivid-Wireless with capped low speeds and unlimited data until Optus took over and now I have much higher speeds but capped data which is a win/significant upgrade in my eyes.

    If anyone has other questions, happy to answer.

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      "Setup with an external 4G LTE antenna on my roof " Can you please expand on that?? Which antenna? How much did you spend? i have limited coverage at home for Optus Network. i would like to do that too

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        same here. NBN sucks here so this could be a genuinely great alternative.

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          I've had 2 slightly different 4G setups for home.

          The external rooftop antenna I purchased is this model, I chose the 2x 10m LL400 for the best cables between the Antenna & modem. The Antenna is still going strong since September 2017, a little discoloured now tho: Rooftop 4g LTE Antenna

          Antenna with cables & adapters - $264
          Bought an unlocked Netgear Aircard 810S III - $240
          Bought a Netgear Smart Cradle (DC112a) - $225

          My first setup: Rooftop Antenna > Netgear AirCard Smart Cradle using 2x TS9 adapters and then my modem of choice back then was the Netgear 810S III. (TS9 Connectors are fairly/very flimsy/loose)

          My current setup: Rooftop Antenna > Optus B525s-65a

          Speedtest from right now:
          Speedtest 2:

          Let me know if there's any other details you'd like?

          • @Nerdboi: So that antenna with LL400 is good to work with B818 modem?

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    Don't forget to ask for the second service discount (25% off) if you also use their mobile plan

  • I have found the speed on this plan varies incredibly — from as low as 3 Mbps to as high as 150 Mbps in my location.

  • Is this plan 500gb per month? or 500gb for the whole duration?

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    Just something to keep in mind ..
    From the Optus Wireless Broadband CIS : If you use more than your included data during your billing month we’ll automatically give you another 10GB for $10. If you use more than 50GB of top-up data we may continue to charge you at the same rates, restrict your data or slow your speed to 256Kbps until the next billing period.

  • one side effect of gnat seems to be aliexpress is always wanting me to login and verify that i'm not a bot using that slide thing. it is extremely annoying

  • Can anyone confirm if this is "Mobile" broadband or "Wireless" broadband?
    From my own experience, "Wireless" broadband cannot join Optus data pool, and if you take it outside to use on the road it disconnects.

    • Correct, Wireless doesn't data pool, mobile does.
      Wireless Broadband used to be SIM locked to the modem, unsure if that's still the case, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't take the modem wherever you wanted, plug it in and (provided you have signal) use the internet.

  • Currently unable to do my job from home with shitty ADSL2+, looking at this..
    I have an old telstra 4G wireless broadband thingo (netgear aircard 760S), do you reckon I can get a new sim and use it still?

    edit: conversely hotspot from an old mobile phone

    • I'd be hitting up my Work's IT department for a 4G sim and Dongle before forking out of my own pocket.

      If you want to re-use the modem, you need to check that it'll work
      1) with a non Telstra sim at all (ie is it unlocked)
      2) whether it has suitable capability to connect to Optus' network.

      Looking at the specs of that modem it's only a cat 3 and the bands aren't great for high speed…. you'd probably be better off hotpotting from your phone.

  • Hi Guys, anyone has any issue with this plan? super slow at my place.
    Jut signed up today, is there any cooling period? I forgot to ask when I signed.

    • Please contact optus customer service via chat, I think they will be able to fix it. Mine was fixed -initially, I was getting 10 Mbps now >50 Mbps.

      • How is it for streaming HD? Would you consider NBN over this?

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          I had no problem in streaming from Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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        no customer service at the moment :(

  • Anyone know if you can split this over two family households (ie: via 2 sims and 2 modems) and pool the data?

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