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Dettol Antibacterial Disinfectant Liquid Solution 750ml - $8.99 @ ALDI


Aldi is selling Dettol (Dettol Antibacterial Disinfectant Liquid Solution) for $8.99 from today.

Normally the 500ml bottles retails for around $9.69 (RRP from Chemist Warehouse/Supermarkets) and there is rarely any stock, given the (extreme) panic buying.

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  • I bet this gets sold out in 5mins

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      I love

      “Why people are panic buying toilet paper”

      Because websites like yours are freaking people out and making them panic.

  • They bought all the toilet paper, tissue and paper towel like they haven't wiped their butts for ages. No stocks across all supermarkets and retailer stores.

  • Anti bacterial for a viral disease. Just wash your hands properly.

    • this x 1000.
      Bacteria and viruses are different, folks…

    • This fact needs to be repeated, and repeated and repeated….kinda needs to go viral…

    • I agree, however everytime I go to the shops in my area, i cant even find a bar of soap. Wondering if others are having the same problems? No hand liquid soap or bar soap. Im wondering if its just me (time i am able to go, eg after 6pm) or is there a real shortage of soap????

  • So … when all the panic buying is over and there's an oversupply of toilet paper, hand wipes and all this stuff we can pick it up super cheap?

  • I also poo pooed (sorry bad pun) the link between the Corona virus and diarrhoea but since found out that there are some reports that one of the possible symptoms of the virus can be diarrhoea,however this doesn't justify panic buying and hoarding of toilet paper.Other more recognizable and documented symptoms give a better indication of possible infection.

    • sorry bad pun

      I do not for even a moment believe you are sorry.

      I don't think the hoarding has anything to do with the runs. Some people are hoarding because they are worried about having to be restricted to home for a couple of weeks without being able to go to the store. They don't want to run out. Others are worried that the stores will run out because of all of the idiots that are hoarding loo paper.

      Pro tip: if you are quarantined at home and you run out you can always use the shower as a bidet.