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Jayson Brunsdon Designer Dress Clearance Sale from $20


Jayson Brunsdon is a fashion designer in Australia. He has dressed several people including INXS, Princess Mary[disambiguation needed], and Linda Evangelista. His clothes are sold in over 10 countries.—— form Project Runway Australia

Biggest yearly sale from 09/09/2011-10/09/201110am--16pm

All to be cleared at up to 80 per cent off. Prices from $20.

Unit 17, 198-222, Young Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2017。 Cash only.

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    Please put in the title what it is?????


    site won't display, looks like it requires Flash…


    He has dressed several people including INXS


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    I tend to buy dresses from people who have dressed more than several people.

    Also, "dressing" someone is a fairly ambiguous boast. I mean, I dress my daughter quite often, but I wouldn't necessarily buy a dress from me, and not only because I would be, in effect, paying myself.

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      You should probably stick to kmart then, they have dressed millions worldwide. instant street cred hey?

      You probably wouldn't buy a dress from yourself either due to many reasons. I am guessing that some of them would be along the lines of: you aren't a designer, you don't have your own collections, you don't people are interested in wearing what you wear, you haven't dressed anybody but your family, let alone anybody famous… I could go on but I think I made my point.


        I don't disagree, but I am curious as to what bearing what you have said has on my tendency to let someone dress me who boasts only of dressing several people.

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