New Smart Phone Suggestions. $700 Budget

I'm currently in the market for a new smart phone as my current phone (samsung galaxy s10+) has a cracked screen and possible LED panel damage, so getting it fixed is out of the question as I can't justify spending upwards of $400 just to get the screen fixed.

I'm leaning toward the Samsung A90 5g? JB currently have a special $699, and I have a $150 gift card which I dont think I'll use anytime soon, so practically only spending $550. I Know obviously not going to be as good as my current s10+.

Don't want to spend more than $700, but aiming around the $500 mark.

*I strongly don't want a phone with a pop up selfie camera

Let me know what you guys suggest. Open to all suggestions. Cheers.


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    Nothing wrong with a refurbished S9+ from a reputable seller like Luvyourphone ebay or CTD ebay. You can get that for around $500.

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    Can I suggest a Pixel 2xl or even 3a?
    You'd be surprised how decent they are of a phone, even if on the older side.

    You cannot really compare the screens, but the speed and camera are top notch.

    • The pixels do interest me, however their small batteries, and lack of sd card slot throw me off.

      • Don't worry about the battery. Mine gets to 10pm with more than 50% on a two year old 2xl.with about 2hrs of YouTube and browsing most of the day.

        • I can get a pixel 4 standard not XL for $599. I feel like it is a good price, however 2800mah battery :/

          • @Jd0911: Wow that is a good price! Yeah that batter does seem a little small for a more powerful screen. I would rather pay a little more for the XL personally.

            You could always get a 2nd hand 2xl for half that and keep the rest of the money in the bank for your next phone in the next year or two (which you can then sell your 2xl also).

            What have you got to lose if you could get a 2xl for $250?

  • Set on Samsung? You could get an s10e for $600? dunno how that compares to a90, but should be same as s10+ but smaller
    Or s9 should be good (doesn't have to be refurb, got my mum one a couple weeks ago for $540)

    Otherwise, LGs are always good value, you can get a pixel 3a/4 in that budget, or some ridiculous spec xiaomi

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    Better to fix it for 400
    S10 plus is a great phone
    Fix it through Samsung
    If you break the new phone will you then buy another phone

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    On the Samsung website they quote $350 to replace a screen for the S10+. Why spend twice that much on a new phone? Last time my sister had a screen replaced by Samsung they also replaced the battery at no extra cost. They replace the whole screen too not just the glass.

  • Just got an email from JB Hifi for their new mobile madness. Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB $699 upfront on a $65/month 12 month contract. You know you want to.

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    Can't justify fixing a flagship phone for $400 but can justify spending more money to buy a less capable phone?

  • If you don't mind waiting for it to be imported, OnePlus and Xiaomi are actually quite strong value phones.

  • What are your guys thoughts on the Xiaomi mi 9t? Currently $399 @ jb

    *if I decided I don't mind the pop up camera

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