Making The Leap to Geelong (from Melbourne) - Random Questions and Thoughts

As I lie down on my bed writing on my handy dandy Surface Go device I love dearly and have used nearly nonstop since I got it from a deal here sometime last year, I would like to ask folks here who have been to Geelong or are living in Geelong currently or used to live in Geelong - what is life like there?

I assume as it is regional it would be peaceful and far more environmentally friendly and cleaner air if that makes sense.

If anyone has any recommendations for a good removalist with OzBargain certified good deals rates, do let me know. I live in a 1BR unit with the usual furniture - although I'm thinking of just renting my own truck and packing it in myself and hiring someone on Airtasker to help move the packed items in the truck and drive it.

What are bills like in Geelong too I suppose?

I have my usual fix of fruits and veggies from Pino's at Prahran Market for an incredible $15 each box. Does anyone know if an equivalent exists in Geelong or will I travel all the way to Prahran from Geelong haha?

random extra thoughts for myself and I guess if you'd like to read it too go on ahead!

I guess when I made this decision and handed my form to my university for a transfer and change of campus I was at the time slightly distraught at my current lot in life.

I suppose it's not all too bad, I'm not a NEET at the very least. I've got that going for me! I hit the gym recently (yesterday) and I am sore from doing a measly 10kg & 15kg shoulder press and chest press respectively rip.

So my main reasons for going to Geelong:

1) My current rent in Melbourne would afford me a much better (bigger) place over there than here.

2) Fewer distractions and I'm hoping since there's fewer people, a tighter community of sorts (I've joined their Facebook groups and I really like transition streets)

3) A fresh new start, fewer chances of meeting people I know beforehand there. My first two years in Melbourne was not a good one.

4) I get to explore a new place - although I'll likely have to get a car. More importantly: learn how to drive. When will self-driving cars become more commercialised and commonplace I wonder?

I know a classmate I hung out with once after exams finished who's also transferred over to the campus in Geelong and am thinking of shooting a message to go together next week. (I'll just be looking around)



    I'm not moving now, moving sometime end of June/early July.


    If you are distracted here I imagine that you will just find something to be distracted by in Geelong. It's just a big country city like Bendigo or Ballarat except near the seaside.


      I've only ever lived in busy cities so I think it might be slightly better for me?

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    Geelong is a big city. Stay at a hotel there in the centre of town during the week to see what you think. Then get an air bnb for a few days in the suburbs to test the waters.


      that sounds like a great idea tbh except I've got pets who'd likely hate me if I don't feed them their bi-daily meals. I was thinking of spending an entire day in the surrounding areas of the campus, participate in some local events I've seen going on online and then head back home before the train and tram to my home stops running

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    Are you at waterfront or waurn ponds campus? The latter I imagine you will have more need for a car.


      the latter yeah, but iirc waterfront has a direct bus for intercampus travel so I think should be fine or I could live nearby enough to walk (anything that's under 30min is fine with me haha!)

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    I can't say that when I think of Geelong I think environmentally friendly! It is a town after all built on industrial activity, some of which remains. Saying that there are nice pickets away from all that.

    If you really want to take advantage you will need a car. The best parts are just out of Geelong. Outside of capital cities in Australia, I can't imagine not having a car.


      I didn't know that TIL. I've joined some eco-friendly groups over there though called transition streets and I quite like it

      Hmm, sounds like I'll have to. Never drove much before though and when I tried as a teen, had my dad with me in the car and he annoyed me so much and when I got home, I slipped up and crashed to the side of the wall b/c he kept on talking about how I'll crash lol.

      You reckon getting a driving license isn't that tough here? I'll probably have to learn yeah

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    I live in Geelong and commute to Melbourne daily.

    It's quiet, relaxing and nice to be out of the city.

    Geelong CBD is pretty small but PT sucks. You'll need a car to get around the Bellarine etc. You can get to most places within 20 minutes and there is little traffic.

    It is cheaper and better for a family than, for example, Melbourne. Certainly less stressful.

    Of all the places I have lived in Aus (Sydney, Melbourne and Geelong) Geelong wins every time. It's safe, chilled and pretty good in summer being so close to the water.

    Any more specific questions, please feel free to PM me.


      Sounds great yeah, hmm thoughts on bikes? I looked it up and they apparently had a pretty nice bike thing going on except they're getting rid of some of it now for traffic reasons rip


        And an e-bike will get you around faster & with a lot less effort than a pushbike. They're fabulous!

        Just sayin

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    It can be very refreshing to start somewhere new…just do it!


      I've already done the paperwork! Now just need to visit the place and see how it's like with my own two eyes haha

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    Man I love Geelong. Stuff is pricey there but it's such a chillax place. Close to strawberry farm in Mt Duneed that has great ice cream and jams. Geelong has nice cafes and the shopping centre has everything you need apart from Dolce and Gabbana.


      Wait, what stuff is pricey there haha? And nice!!! I'll check those places out thanks :)


        I just think food, clothing from the regular stores and groceries in general are overpriced for a regional city.


          Ah fair enough, same prices as Melbourne then more or less haha? At least rent is lower!

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    I stayed at Uni Campus. Loved it. Met my girlfriend there and now married to her. Geelong is fine. Your not to far from things. There's the bus if you don't have a car. Geelong city is not that big, but bigger than most regional places. Enjoy.

    By the way Pino live's across the road from me. I say hello to him most days. Must be hitting his 80+


      That's awesome! Congrats haha!!!!

      And yeah was the exact thing I was thinking off (the bus!) I don't think I'll stay on campus tho, hate the limitations of a student accommodation + got pets but I'll likely hang around the area often and thanks will do :)

      And whoa, is he really? That's nuts, I think I usually wear headphones but I wave when I see him (he's the guy that loves greeting people when they queue at noon right lolol) he doesn't look like he's 80 if that's him, so you're in Prahran now? Have you been to the Sunday 15 bargain? Any similar thing like that in Geelong you could recommend or nah

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        If its the tall guy with curly hair that's his son. I think Pino is now well and truly retired. That's why I see him a lot.

        Do immerse yourself in social activities.


          Oh gotcha, yeah probably his son then!

          That's the plan yep!