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Dorco Razor Sale - 5 Blades 4 Cartridges 1 Handle $6.99 Delivered & More @ CheaperDelivered.com


Need more toilet paper?? Well that's the only use you will get out of your Gillette/Schick/Bic/most Dollar Shave club razors once you switch to our Dorco blades, this is 100% DEAL

Get 5 blades, with 4 cartridges and a free handle for only $6.99

The Gillette fusion 5- 4 cartridge refills RRP is $24.85 at Shavershop, $22.50 at coles and $16.00 for dubious-looking ones on eBay and the prices are similar with Schick, dollar shave club have a non-dorco 4 blade razor with 4 cartridges for $8

Dorco blades are much more superior than any major brand I have used, ever since I switched myself I wanted to bring it to Australia, the dollar shave club use the Dorco for their 6 bladed razor's but not their 2/4/ bladed razors.

See an in-depth review of Dorco here:

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    How does this work? Same price for 2 weekly as monthly. How long is the subscription nd postage ect.

    Also AUD or USD?


    I’m also confused about the pricing structure.

    Is it $6.99 for the initial order and then $7.99 for each further delivery at whichever frequency chosen?

    On the Our Company page it says that 50% of all profit is donated to the WaterAid charity. Could you please tell us more about that?

    I am interested but I need to know more about your company before I’d be willing to give your business a shot.


      Yes it's $6.99 for your first order and then it goes to $7.99 afterwards.

      50% of all of our profits go to WaterAid, meaning at the end of the year we donate 50% of our profits to WaterAid and we have signed a MOU with WaterAid to that effect.


    I keep getting an error regarding processing the order when trying to pay


    I shave with DE blades but in for a month out of curiosity. Had some success with Dorco blades in my safety razor.

    Was a pain to check-out but came in at $5.26 posted.


    Thank you, got myself one to try it out.


    Looks good OP, can you get the pace 6?
    FWIW, I find these a lot better feeling and lasting than the majors.


    I just wanted to give you some feedback as it is great to see an Aussie company doing this.
    So I was very tempted to subscribe to the 'Original Dorco Pace 6 Plus Six Blade Razor System 4 Cartridge’s + First Handle' for $9.49 per month then on the same page I saw 'Original Dorco Pace 6 Six Blade Razor System 4 Cartridge’s + First Handle' on special for $8.99 per month. What is the difference between the two other than the term 'plus'?

    The lack of clarity has put me off pulling the pin and going ahead, now that is just me but it is worth looking into simplifying your product offerings.


      ohh certainly! Well dorco make the "plus" model, the plus model has an extra single razor on the back of the blade which is useful if you just need to get 1/2/3 sections towards the end of your shave! also not being used all the time means it remains sharp


    Need more toilet paper?? Well that's the only use you will get out of your Gillette/Schick/Bic/most Dollar Shave club razors

    Are you suggesting I should shave my soiled anus?


    Has anybody received any kind of shipping notification? Support have been useless so no idea if my order has even been sent yet.

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