• expired

Large Traditional Pizza + Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink $8 (Pick up) @ Domino's Pizza (Until 5pm Local Time)


Better than the last offer.

Must be redeemed through the Domino's offer app.

Edit: For those having troubles, try ringing your local store and quote code 631284

Also available -

  • 2 Traditional or Value Pizzas + Garlic Bread + 1.25L Drink + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Days Trial $27.95 Pick-Up /$34.95 Delivered (codes) - promo code 951085 for pickup or 722171 for delivery.

Game pass is valid for existing and new accounts.

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    Said code only works on Offers App, which I have so not much more effort needed haha.

    Thanks OP

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      Interesting as it’s not in my offers app but works if I enter the code.

      • True, maybe it only works on mobile orders, not specifically the offers app.
        Was there for me though.

  • Could I able to order before 5pm with later pick up time?

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      Nope, if you choose a time after 5pm to pick up, it will tell you it can't be used at this time of day.

    • may be order it to pick up by 5PM and pick up hr later..hopefully they will keep it under heater to keep it warm. ;)

      • Thanks good alternative :)

      • +1

        They don’t put it under a heater, not at my dominos at least. They just put it on a shelf.

    • I've never tried it or used Domino's app or mobile website in months, but what if (in applicable stores) you set it to pickup just before 5 pm and set it to start cooking when you're close enough but you GPS spoof you're 100 km away until you're ready to eat?

  • I don't have this deal in my offers app. I am in brisbane
    Edit: code worked on mobile app. Not on browser.

  • right about time to order. Thanks for posting

  • Anyone know when this expires?

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      Today, 5pm local time.

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    doesn't seem to work for my store. I got to the app and the deal isn't there, and if I try and type in the code the keyboard gets screwed around so I can't use it. :-(

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    Doesn’t work both website or app for my store in WA 6069

    Also doesn’t appear in offers app

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    I think they deactivated the second code now, I was sitting on it for a good 5-10mins and it's not working anymore.

  • “Not accepted by your current store”
    Well alright then Dominos peasants

  • +2

    Doesnt work: The voucher 631284 can not be used at this time of the day. im in ACT

  • Doesn't work at Mayfield NSW

  • +1

    Dud deal for Canberra OzB's - cannot be used at this time of day or not valid at your store - ACT. Tried various stores.

  • I'm getting cannot be used at this time of day

  • +2

    Voucher worked about 1 hour ago,now it won't work.called up the store and they accepted the voucher via phone.

  • Doesn't work Gladstone 4680. It has a $10 offer in the app for my stores but I will pass at $10. The stores here struggle to even get orders correct and they disable nearly every coupon…

  • +1

    Codes fubar but was working when first posted ..
    good marketing dominoes lol…
    in true ozbargain spirit i circumvented there skullduggery by calling and guy is gonna do deal ..
    give them a call if codes not working in ap and enjoy pizza 🍕

    Update… pickup went ok and guy said code worked when he input into his system.. had codes fail before online but work instore so maybe store just uses over ride so worth ringing if you want pizza for lunch 👍😊

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    Code worked for me. Initially I clicked through on the $10.95 traditional + garlic bread + 1.25L drink offer and when I went to cart and added in the code it worked for me. Deleted the $10.95 offer. Dinner sorted for tonight

    • yes, this is what worked for me so not expired!!

  • Just worked for me in Queen Street Brisbane, via the app.

  • I rang up the local store and quoted them the code (631284), and they accepted it replying me with the $8 amount.

    • Same, called local store and 631284 code worked. They said 756674 was an online only code and it doesn’t work.

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    This not expired can someone remove it

  • Got the extra large last for extra $2?? I was actually confused and thought it was a large..

    So a large is probably a small.

    Making a small a donut

  • Well. It shows $12.95 in my area! Pyrmont 2009

  • Dose not work for Townsville stores.

  • Neither code worked in stores around 3000

  • 6019:

    756674 Not valid

    631284 Not valid at time of day

    • Worked over the phone as suggested.

  • None worked for me in SA at my local . Just realised it's a different app, wtf? These companies just wanna spam us with more BS.

    Forget it.

  • calling balaclava rd Eastwood store worked for me (631284).

  • Missed it

  • +1

    the first code worked, average pizzas tho…

  • I was hungry and tried ordering at 3:30 but I had the problem of not being accepted at this time of day (Fortitude valley store) but I couldn't be bothered arguing over the phone, so I just went to KFC instead. If you make things hard to use people don't use it!

  • Deals are good but haven't the hunger for pizza these past coupla monts