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I've had a few issues with the good guys (TGG) concierge program and also the Woolworths/Coles Myer gift cards.

I currently have 3 products purchased from TGG with the extra concierge warranty. I'm meant to receive X3 $20 gift cards per product per year for 3 years I believe (that's about $180 value per year).

They send them out via SMS or email and usually have a short expiry.

However, I noticed I wasn't receiving them. I contacted them & they said they had sent them to my mobile number and suggested there may have been something wrong with my phone service for a reason of not receiving them. Has this happened to anyone else?

I sent screenshots of the messages from them and phone activity as proof of never having received them and my phone having normal services. As "good will" they then sent the ones I hadn't received via text to my email and I then opted to receive future $20 credits via email.

They started sending them via text again & again similar issue and again as "goodwill" they sent via email only for me to find out at TGG store that the gift card number doesn't work and after calling them again they told me their system generated these vouchers and the same code was sent to me and also to someone else and that the other person had used the code already. They apologised and sent me a new code which I made a purchase online instead of going into store in case it didn't work again.

With the Woolworths/Coles gift cards which have been posted on OZB they are commonly known to take a long time. I purchased last Dec and still waiting. The previous time I had waited +3 months & then I contacted them asking for the gift cards.

I wonder if this program purposely does not send out the credits to certain customers until customers contact them?

Would love to know if anybody has had similar experiences & whether its possible that this program is banking on people not asking for what they've purchased.

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  • Always get the $20 credit.

    Gift cards don't come from TGG but external. I'm in the business of managing cashflow and the time it took to get the gift cards is not worth the savings. Although others have disagreed with that on the 10% off forum posts, 3 months is BS(even then only sent after a PayPal dispute was lodged). And for it to take that long it wouldn't surprise me if the GC company is running insolvent.

  • They're absolutely atrocious, take ridiculously long for them to deliver on any gift cards..

    Always have to open up disputes!

  • I have the concierge service on an oven I bought a few months ago. So far I have received 2 lots of $20.
    Pretty good value actually, the service cost about $120 .. and if this keeps .. I should be getting $300 back (5 year plan), plus the extra services that you get with it.

  • I sent in a query/dispute and couple weeks later I got the gift card. I think it's quite bad. Lot of people who may forget about it probably don't ever receive it and the business know this.

    Similar feeling to the $20 gift card. Yes you'll receive most if not all that you're entitled to. I think with some customers they play the "technical error" or some excuse for not sending/receiving it.

    As a customer if you have to set reminders or send disputes in just to collect what you're meant to receive since you paid for it in someway then that is really an unethical business and I wouldn't recommend it moving forward (my opinion).

  • Hi all, just wondering is there a fixed fee to join good guys concierge? can't seem to find on their site?

    If not, is it based on the purchase price of the item? If so, what would you suggest to buy to be eligible for concierge benefit i.e. 3x $20 vouchers per year?


  • Hi, I know I'm late to the party.
    I was looking for a forum with advice on what to use the concierge credit for, but I can actually contribute here.

    I too have had issues where I wasn't getting the concierge credits. When I contacted them its always the same excuse "our records indicate that you opted out of promotion material from us, this means you wont get concierge credits until you opt back in".

    They have done this 5-6 times to me.

    • Yeah i find it disturbing they then turn it around saying its goodwill by giving you what you're owed. I quite enjoy the delonghi coffee beans (i think $25)

  • Also late to the party.

    I too didn't receive the concierge credits for a year and after the 5th or 6th call I started receiving them via email.

    More recently, being 16/07/2020, they had a promo that by spending $500+ they would SMS a $60 credit on 06/08/2020. Did not receive anything so emailed them the next day which was Friday but yet to hear anything so will try again after the weekend.

    I really dislike these deferred offers and always avoid them. It just happened that on that day I was purchasing a TV and happened to get the SMS with the offer. In the past I would go somewhere else to price match equal to what the price would be with the offer and have been successful. This time, no one else had any stock unfortunately.

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