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½ Price Chocolate Family Blocks: Cadbury 150g-180g Varieties $2.50, Nestle 170g-180g Varieties $2.25 @ BIG W

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    Is anyone else constantly annoyed with companies reducing product size while maintaining and eventually increasing prices. Old family blocks use to be 500g before being reduced to 350g and being a mere 100g more than original blocks. :(

    Anyway /rant

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    Think this is how the regular blocks have progressed over time (all while prices continue to increase) 250g -> 220g -> 200g -> 220g (we're giving you 10% more joy!) -> 200g (no more extra joy) -> 180g now, wow

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    Agreed its a joke what they do with the sizes and price and doesn't taste like it used to ether apparently they changed the mixture sometime ago i was told and i just dont like it now.


    chocolate is my only weakness :(


    I went there expecting this deal, and to my surprise, my local store had some even better deals. There were heaps of blocks with 80c-$2 clearance stickers. So I b
    ought a stack!