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Wirex Multicurrency Visa Debit Card 0.5%+ Cashback in BTC on in-Store Purchases


Multicurrency Account with Prepaid Visa Debit Card

  • No Ongoing Maintenance Fee
  • Supports Multiple Fiat and Crypto Currencies
  • Mid-Market FX Rates (Even better than Visa and Mastercard rates)
  • Cashback from 0.5% in BTC (In-Store Purchases)

More Info: https://wirexapp.com/en/fees-and-limits

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Referrer and Referee earns $5 in BTC when Referee purchases at least $100 worth of Crypto.

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  • Oh was looking at EEA fees not APAC. nevermind.

  • Can you load it from a credit card?

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    I have a competitors metal card 2% cashback on all purchases / debits pretty sure the plastic card is 1% and load it free from a debit bank account card. Originally I was only interested in these sorts of things to spend my crypto but it’s turned into my everyday card now I dump most of my monthly salary onto and have all the bills come out of. We all love free money right ✊

    • If you dont mind me asking, what card are you referring to?

      • not sure if I am allowed to post a link here so I will PM it to you (If somebody can confirm its ok to post the link I will post it here?)

        • +1

          Nothing stopping you saying what you use, we can all google it :)

          • @Joz2988: Ok I excellent I use crypto dot com have a ruby card for me and a ruby card for the wife. I stakes the 50 MCO for the ruby.card for her then after the 6 month lockup transfer it to me and locked it up so we both have the ruby card and I keep the stake on mine for the full 2% return and she only gets 1% (because of not keeping the token locked). The free card is not metal it’s plastic but you do get 1% on that one. Check out the site and click on cards to see the different tiers and feel free to reach out to me for any info / tips ect I’ve been through it plenty with friends and family the last few months.

            • @R0b: I didn't think they were available in Oz yet.
              I currently have a btc.com.au card but wouldn't recommend it. No tap and go and when you load crypto on it, it converts it then and not when you spend it.

              • @Joz2988: Yea they got apac approval December last year. Currently cards are issued out of Singapore but apparently the agreement with their australian banking partner is about to be finalised and cards will be re issued.

                • @R0b: Correct me if I am reading this wrong… You got the 50MCO card for $174 as a 1 off payment and you get Spotify for free each month?
                  And to jump to get Netflix free, its the 500MCO card?
                  Is it still the 6 months to get your stake back or has that changed?

                  Can you use the card with your phone to use paypass or do you need to physically us the card?

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                    @Joz2988: Ok I crunched some numbers as of right now. 50 MCO is currently valued at $214 after the last nights and this mornings whole market drop. By staking the 50 MCO you do get $50USD (so $75 AU) worth of MCO at the time of staking. Currently that would be 17.3 MCO. As you get the $50 USD worth locked in your account when you sign up and complete KYC I would recommend buying the MCO on an exchange like Bittrex or Binance and sign up after the market rebounds a little (effectively getting more MCO for the sign up bonus). Signing up now is still a bargain though with the market drop so it would be $214-$75 end result $139 outlay. I tried to make all this as detailed as possible to understand.

                    With this Ruby red card you get the 2% back and spotify reimbursement. You pay for your subscription using the ruby card to get the reimbursement. With the market drop the last 24 hours I am now considering stacking more MCO for the 500 tier card to get the netflix reimbursement back and 3%. An important note is with the 500 tier card your 500 staked MCO also earns interest as if you have deposited into their crypto earn feature see more details here https://crypto.com/en/earn.html I only do 1 month terms as i like to buy and sell as the market moves up and down to increase my MCO supply.

                    It is still 6 months the lockup period (staking) during that time you can not touch your investment. You get the card straight away and the interest earning benefits in the crypto earn feature (crypto earn = term deposits). It is important to note after the 6 month term if you choose to unstake the MCO you will still have the card you have chosen and staked for but it will have reduced benefits.

                    Currently you need to use the physical card it does have paywave for example tapping the card. I can not be sure of Google Pay but I do know Apple pay is coming and has just been released in the US market.

                    I will PM you now. Also if you do go ahead with it let me know and I will hammer you with heaps more details and tips ect.

                    Edited to make note to anybody else reading this do not forget there is the 1% free plastic card option if buying and staking crypto is not your thing.

        • Been using CDC for a while now and it has now turned into our main transaction account. I have the Ruby card (50 MCO stake) and quickly realised that this is a winner. I then staked another 50 MCO and got my wife a card (with the $50USD signup bonus also). I have now accumulated more MCO and now am moving up to the Jade card (500 MCO). The jade returns 6% PA on the staked MCO and then gets you access to free spotify and netflix each month plus 3% cashback on all transactions (paid in MCO). MCO is a fairly low max supply of 31.6 Million coins, so you can see where this will go, giving cashbacks paid in MCO. All in all, I am very happy with CDC. There is a AUS / NZ telegram group for CDC also https://t.me/crypto_com_Aus_unofficial

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          • @gothebroncos: Tried to sign up and couldn't get past the address verification. Tried 3 times and gave up.
            I'll find another crypto CC.

  • They really need to get their support articles updated https://wirexapp.com/help/article/the-list-of-supported-coun… I've been checking this page off and on and didn't think the card was available here in Australia?

  • i got this card I thought it it was 1.5% cashback when I signed up ? op are you sure its now 0.5%+ ?

    • If you read the fine prints, it states 0.5% as a base.
      You need to stake their token for higher cashbacks.

  • -1

    Pretty Meh app. Makes you pay currency conversion fees even for the same currency transfers.
    Avoid if you don't want to lose money.

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