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Men's adidas Ultraboost 19 $130 Delivered, up to 50% Shoes @ adidas Outlet


Outlet now up to 50% off.

Lots of Ultraboost 19 and others for $120-$130


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    Stop. I have too many. Please.

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        ??? This guy serious?

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      Stop. I have too many. Please.

      • that's not what the toilet paper panic buying people said.
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      Stop. I have too many. Please.

      Just buy a left shoe. Next deal buy a right. You can cut down your shoe buying in half this way.

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      Agree, I got two last time, wasn't worth sending one pair back when the black and white were included in the special the next time

  • What colourways do people like?

    I picked up some recently and very happy with them for lifestyle use (didn't like them for running), but I'm not drawn to many of the colourways.

    What's everyone into?

    • I bought a leather one in white. Black also looks good.

    • I'm boring and buy the triple black ones.

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      Mainstay colours are subjectively triple white, triple black and black/white

    • triple blacks. all day. everyday. (I rarely see them on sale though, this sale included)

      i bought 2 pairs of parleys with really nice black/teal detail uppers with blindingly white UB midsoles.

      Took some angelus black paint and matte paint coating to it and now its perfect.

    • I got the ones pictured and some black and white ones :)

  • Thank you op. Bought a pair!

  • 19's were $90 at the physical outlets. They've pulled them off shelves now as 20's have replaced them and they are $130 at Chadstone and some other stores.

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      I found that most items at physical outlets are cheaper then online outlet.

      • I've never had any luck finding any ub19's in Adidas DFO outlets in Essendon or SouthBank DFO (Melbourne).

        • The Moorabin one had plenty last weekend, although only about 8 colourways

  • Thanks OP. Mum's birthday gift sorted.

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    Adizero Adios 4 in Black for $100 with lots of sizes available. For those who are looking for running shoes, where UltraBoost looks too much like sneakers to you. There are also some Adizero Boston 8 in Black for $90 but limited sizes.

    • Cheers - got some Bostons, nice deal on those.

    • Thanks,got a pair of the adios.

  • Even the regular colours are cheap

  • Are these very comfy? Need some good shoes for walking around all day, a lot of walking.

    • yes they are very light and the mesh (the material they are made up of) fits perfectly around the feet holding it nice and tight.I would surely recommend these for comfortable walking all day long.Like others said you might get them even cheaper than this price from a physical store (DFO etc.)

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      Yep, one of the comfiest sneakers you'll ever walk in.

    • Oh yes. Especially with memory foam inserts.

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    I legitimately only bought a pair 3 weeks ago.. Did I just buy another? Yep.

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    I'd go with the 1.0-4.0 UBs anyday for the best mix of form and function. I just think the 19-20 took a few steps back in terms of aesthetics, but they're apparently lighter with denser UB foam so probably make for better running shoes.

  • Sizing compared to Nikes?

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      Go half a size up (US)

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      As a comparison to the above comment, I went down half a size from what I wear in a Nike Pegasus 35/36…

      Sorry to confuse you!

    • For most nikes I wear 10.5 (some need 11).

      For UB19, 10.5 fit the length of my foot the same as a Nike, but the width is a squeeze. I am told over time it will loosen up but it still feels constricting.

  • I just bought some triple blacks from the Bourke St store. These are on another level of comfortable compared to the previous models. Never thought I'd like the design but after wearing them, im all for them!

  • Got a black pair, have had the duo foam for a few years.
    Cheers op.

    • Did you get an order confirmation straight away?
      I bought yesterday morning and have got nothing

      • No nothing yet.

        • Ok cool, I was nearly going to do my order again

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    Are these better than skechers Cushion, weight and comfort wise?

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      Ewwww. Dont be THAT Guy that wears skechers.

  • There's some very nice styles, and I was ready to pull the trigger and spend, but the maximum sizes are for midgets and dwarves.

    Sorry I want to buy but XXXX no deal!

  • Does anybody know if they're still as narrow as the older models? I just got myself Bostons and they just fit my wide foot.

  • Is this a lifestyle or running shoe?

    • Running. Very comfortable though. You could happily use them for walking etc.

    • I had lower leg soreness when I ran with these and quickly went back to my Nike's, but I think these are great as a lifestyle shoe.

      If you're a runner, note you can't tie a runners lock as there's no extra eyelet on the shoe either.

  • Are these good for gym? (Not treadmill) Or these shoe not flat enough?

  • Just got my second pair of UBs, took the olive/black combo. Ty op

  • are these good to play tennis ?

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      Personal experience is never get netted shoes or any shoe which isn't designed for sideways movement or it'll break pretty quick.

      I got the asics court ff's a while back and they're a bit pricey but very comfortable, durable, and great for tennis

  • Does anyone know if there is a "free ship" promo code to cover the postage add-on?

  • I bought a pair at 8am this morning, but haven't received any confirmations from my order?
    Checked out thru Paypal and nothing from them either?

    Happened to anyone else?

    • Yes same here

  • Just ordered something 30% off a few days ago and now the same items are 50% off but my sizes are out :(

    Has anyone ever been able to get Adidas to refund the difference or would returning item + placing another order be the only option?

    • I believe, the only option is placing another order.
      You could always ask customer service, but I doubt it.

    • If the items haven't shipped then you'd prob be able to get them to refund, otherwise you'd prob have to reorder and return. They are pretty good with returns.

      But have a chat to their customer service. They are pretty good and usually offer a 20% off voucher the retail store regardless of outcome.

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    The partly-recycled Parley models are the only ones people should be buying.

    • Got my eye on the Parley Terrex

  • Anyone know why there is additional black sole in solarboost:
    Like these as ultra boost fits quite tight around ankles. This ones are fine, but that additional black part is wierd.

  • Has anyone had their order shipped yet? I ordered last friday and it still says order waiting to be packed

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      i ordered mine on the 13th. Still not processed.

      • Mine arrived two days ago in Sydney.

    • Mine came today after being shipped on Monday and a delay with Toll.

    • Ordered on the 18th, still says waiting to be packed. Have you had any luck emailing them?

      • Haven't tried it yet but the way things are I'm most probably gonna cancel my order.

        • In the same boat, ordered on the 15th still waiting to be packed!

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        Online chat rep says there's an issue with labelling that is causing the delay and says to give it another week to ship and be delivered. Of course that's assuming we don't go into lock down next week

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        Ordered mine on 15th, got a cancellation email with no reason given. Trying to contact them through email broken too.

  • My order is still sitting at 'awaiting packing', anyone else?

    • same story here

      • I just got an email this morning advising there's delays in shipping, and that it should ship in the next few days

  • Is anyone else still awaiting their parcel? I haven't received anything, and Adidas are unaware of the status of the parcel.