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Free Optus Sport Subscription Til May 31st 2020 from Sony


Premier League, Champions League™ and more. Exclusively live on Optus Sport. Watch live and on demand.
We are proud to present Sony members with this offer from Optus. You can get complimentary access to Optus Sport from today, through until 31 May 2020.
Simply follow the link below to enter your unique voucher code before 30 April 2020 to activate your pass.

you should get an emailed if you are subscribed to sony.com.au

people have suggested only working with new accounts.

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  • +1

    If anyone wants my code, PM me, I don't watch sports

    edit: claimed already

  • +50

    Just in time for all the leagues being suspended.

  • Applies to Coles employees also (via myColes).

  • +2

    I don't care for sports either. Here is mine : ML73CZVXYW

    Please comment when you claim it

    • +1

      Tried it but didn't work so assume clained already?

      • Quite likely

  • +1

    Should just be called Optus Football/soccer - thats all they have

    • And they do it well.

      Rumoured to be getting the rugby soon too. And possibly the A-League when Fox drops it.

      • They do it well except their mobile player drives me mad at how unintuitive it is!

      • They do it well, so well that no VPN can allow me to watch it when I travel overseas… :(

  • +2

    Here is mine : 6YCNS644QP

    Please comment when you claim it

    • +1

      Thanks I used this :)

    • Claimed, thanks

  • +1

    Here is mine : 8T5RGVSJSR

    Please comment when you claim it.

    • +1

      thanks mate. claimed.

  • +2

    Already have a sub thanks to Optus mobile.

    Here is mine : 444MQDCWYW

    Comment when claimed.

    • +1


  • Comment when claimed: 3WZ45MSYWK

    • claimed thanks

    • Claimed

  • Everything I click on says "Upgrade to premium" is this correct??

    • You need to go through the whole registration, it should work, well, it work for me. I had the same issue, but worked through it.

      • I competed the registration process not sure what else I need to do?

  • I haven't received an email from Sony but I don't need it anyway, I already have free access with Optus

  • Mine is VHSTGNW8KK

    Comment when you claim it.

    • Someone used it and didn't comment but it's expired.

      • Sorry for that mate.

  • It states that it's only valid for new Optus sports accounts. Mine expired in Jan and code doesn't work. Can't be bothered making a new Optus account.

  • Anyone has a spare code to share? Thanks

  • +2

    I've got 2 for use.



    • Looks like they’ve booth been claimed already.
      Thanks for the offer.

  • I would love a code if someone has one spare

    • pm'd edit can't pm

      • Thanks for trying mate. Can you post and I will grab?

  • New accounts only?

    • If not, I'd like a code if any spares. Thanks.

  • Any spare codes Please?

  • Would Love a code if someone has a spare. Thanks

  • +1

    One additional code here: 5T82LY62SW

    • Gone already.

    • Claimed. Thanks.


    • Thank you so much. Claimed!!!

    • Claimed. Thanks!

      Turns out I missed the code during registration.

  • Anyone here with spare code? Thank you in advance

  • +1


    • Claimed it this time

    • Thanks!

  • Could someone please pm me a code. They disappear quick. Thank you.

    • Got one thanks.


  • Could someone PM me a code if they have a spare - missed out above :(

  • Could someone please PM a spare code. Thanks

  • would love a code. thanks in advance and would be very grateful if someone pms me one :)

  • I'm also after a code if someone has a spare. Please PM me. Thank you. :)

  • Happy to share mine, PM me.

  • PM me if you want a code

    • PMed

  • Can I please have one .. my 8 YO will be very happy.

  • Would greatly appreciate a code, if anyone could spare one, please.

    • Received one, thank you

  • Already have it, here's mine: Y6DYD2K844

    • +1

      Claimed - Thank you!


    X1: In 2012 an android based music streaming device was released by a company with X amount of letters in it's name. The device was then prematurely discontinued. The device featured a dual core processor developed by Texas Instruments.

    X2: This company has X amount of letters in it's name. It was the first company to develop an Android phone with a slide out keyboard.

  • Do I need optus premium subscr. to watch matches? Anything I click shows-
    "Premium access required to play this content"

  • any spares??

    would love to use first time

    would be great if anyone has spares available


  • Could someone please PM a code if they can?
    Thanks in advance.

  • +2



    • +1

      Thanks claimed J6****

    • +1

      And I grabbed PKD - thank you sir!

  • IF someone still has a spare code, could they PM? Thanks

  • Keen if anyone can PM me

  • Would love to get one via a PM, thanks!

  • -1

    Would be great if these included F1 and WWE.

  • +1

    I have 9 year old triplets who love soccer, anyone got a code PM?

  • Would love a code please. TIA

  • If anyone has a spare code, I’d really appreciate it - please PM me.

  • If someone has a spare code if you could send me a PM that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Could someone pm a code for me plz

  • Could someone pm a code for me pls

  • Would love a code if someone could PM.
    Thank you!

  • I can use one too guys. Anyone has a spare one?

  • Would love one too, if any spares are going!

  • Here's mine: 5NGL57VPSR

    • thanks. Used.

  • Would be great is someone could PM me a code they do not need. Thanks!

  • Would love a code if someone has a spare. Thanks.

  • Would be amazing if someone could PM me a code too.


  • I'd love a code if anyone has a spare. Please PM.


    • Just tried, someone used this already

  • Here is mine


    • I think it's taken already

  • I done the code and then someone used it even though i put it in

  • +1

    Anyone with a code please PM, tried so many code but all used. Thanks

  • How do u get the codes?

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