Assistance Needed - Upgrading GPU

Hello Fellow Ozbargainers,

I am looking into updating my Graphics Card and need some advice, here is my current components:

Ryzen 5 1600

AsRock B350

16GB 3000MHz DDR4 Ram

GTX 1060 6GB

500W Power Supply.

Would a RTX 2060 Super or 1660 Super be good upgrade options? And be compatible with current set up?

Thanks for the help as I am new to PC Parts and Upgrades



    It would very much help to find out the reason to your upgrade. e.g. You can't run x game at x frames at x setting.


      Well I've been playing COD MW a lot most recently and finding that I have to run it at lower quality settings and get around 100FPS, I would like to get similiar to high FPS with better quality.


        have you set the card's settings correctly


    the 1060 6gb isn't bad, your bottle neck for performance/frames is probably somewhere else.

    You didn't mention storage - spinning disk or ssd? SSD for OS and games would probably give you a performance boost.


      I have my OS on a 240GB SSD while all my games are on a 1TB HDD


      If by performance you mean fps then SSD doesn't help. What it helps is to reduce load times and hitching in open world games for eg.
      But I do agree with you nowadays there really is no reason not to use a SSD, it makes the whole experience a lot better.

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    What are utilisation stats. When you are playing a game is GPU pegged at 100%? Is it CPU,DISK etc? An easy way to see the obvious two (GPU/CPU) is install MSI afterburner with rivatuner statistics. Enable CPU/GPU utilisation tracking in afterburner and then play your game. Have you tried overclocking? Some lower model cards actually have some decent head room for increasing core/memory speeds.


    yeah for more accurate advice you should add some more information such as resolution you're trying to play at and some general stats about the pc performance whilst you're playing the game. Attempting to overclock with MSI afterburner is something that would be able to help a bit




    Short answer: yes, the 2060 Vanilla alone is good enough of an upgrade even for the 1070, the 2060 Super is another 15% or so improvement over the 2060. And yes your existing system is compatible.
    Long answer though: if it was up to me, I'd consider a CPU upgrade as well (unless what you have is a 1600 AF - basically a rebranded 2600). The original 1600 AE is a bit dated, first gen Ryzen has its flaws. A 3600 will give you a pretty good improvement in everything. May I ask if your RAM is a 2x8GB kit? If it's just a 16GB stick, you may want another 16GB stick to make it dual channel.
    Everything else is fine.
    Obviously it's unclear what your budget requirements are so it's a bit hard to postulate.