25% off Storewide @ Amart Furniture


Saw this on Amart website.
Almost everything is 25% off the usual price storewide.

Couple of things I was eyeing has come down.

Combine this with this deal for more savings

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Update: Sale lasts until further notice

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    heads up for big furniture purchases, youii rewards gets you a further 75$ off if you spend over $500 and you also get 10% off gift cards :)


    Wow this is the cheapest i've seen - gonna go out and buy a new comfy sofa!


      the buy one get 1 half price was probably the cheapest we got, seen we got two couches anyway

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    What’s the general consensus on the quality of Amart furniture?

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      I have the spartacus large corner lounge, its very comfy for lounge room, and having enough seating for all the kids https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/spartacus-51203.html

      and the Julius 2 seater electric fold down table https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/julius-64359.html and its great for the media room

      WE had issues with the julius with the table damaged on delivery and they were out the next day with a new unit.

      We got the extended warranty as well

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      I bought this piece. Nice looking, solid wood, solid construction. No complaints.


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      Not that great, all I can say is photo copy your receipt and do not lose it. I had a $1500 leather couch that had a 10 year warranty in it's 8 year all the padding fell out and was unrepairable they tried to give me $150 store credit and to keep the couch. Took me a month of slamming their Facebook page for them to give me the full amount back in store credit was not a pleasant experience

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      You get what you pay for. Cheap stuff is really cheaply made. The more expensive stuff is pretty well made and from good materials, and you usually get a huge warranty with it too. I probably wouldn't pay full price for anything but when it's on a good sale then the value is there


        Thanks. It looks like the stuff that caught my eye was the “more expensive stuff” so that’s good. Just need a house first :(


        What are some ways to differentiate between cheap quality stuff sold for high price vs quality stuff sold at same high price?


    The next retailer to go under?


    Well that's irritating! I just brought a $3000 couch last weekend after putting it off for a long time.

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    Sale ends 22/3 for anyone wondering. :)

    I bought 2 items online yesterday but I must have mixed up my measurement numbers as only one of them will actually fit after checking again. Both have a ETA of over a month away. The item I want the most 5 weeks the other 8 weeks. So I thought ok should be easy to cancel the 8 week one.

    I sent them a message via the site and was promptly called by the store.
    "Okay it's canceled you now have store credit for the $ amount" but no clue or anything as to how to use it.
    They then continued on that "If you wish for an actual $ refund that you need to go see them with photo ID and the confirmation email" or something along those lines.
    Is that something they have always done? Jimothy Wongingtons comment has kinda spooked me. :(

    Thanks :)


    I went there last weekend and they told me 8-12 weeks for a couch to get delivered

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