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Fairy Original All in One Dishwasher Tablets Lemon 22 Pack x 5 (110 Tablets) $20.32 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Deal of the day, don't forget cashback. I have never used these so I do not know how good they are.

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    Thanks OP, but Coles and Woolworths branded tablets are still a better buy I think.


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      The Aldi ones are great

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      You wonder how scientific those tests are because Earth Choice tablets came 1st and last. Both look as though they use very similar ingredients.

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        Earth choice was first for two years in a row, meaning that there is some consistency in how they test. Coles tablets was third last time, now is second again also suggesting some consistency.

        The tests seem to be well set up, they go into details about it on the page.

        It's more scientific than any tests I've performed.


        I use Earth Choice and they’re regularly discounted and clean well in our Blanco dishwasher.

        I did use Fairy recently when they’re we’re doubly discounted, they’re super strong. After the wash the dishwasher smelt of cleaning agents and the smell lingered on some of the silicon utensils. They’re too strong.


    Got these from Coles some time ago on special. Don't notice any difference with top of the range finish.

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    Average deal…

    Finish 110 tablet pack $19 everyday from reject shop

    Same brand & price from Big W

    Aldi now offer their Logic "premium" 100 tablets for $15


      Aren't Aldi's 100 tablet boxes a special item? I never seem able to find these on the shelves.


        i gave my aldi 100 box away as it left bits of the tablet all through the dishwasher and dishes


          I had similar experience with Aldi ones, since then I switched to Finish Max or Quantum. Sometime we can get better price on Finish tablets from eBay sellers combining with eBay GC.


        The premium ones are wrapper-coated and don’t break down in the box (the non-premium ones broke down on me too). Love the premium ones. Always super clean and smashes the other brands.


    Aldi tabs are supplied in a cardboard box. Not ideal for longer term storage.


    Expired? Getting some $63 on them


    Bought these - just opened the "package" and expiry date is February 2020

    They were manufactured in 2018

    Misleading much?

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