Has Anyone Bought Heaters from Kogan?

Winter time is approaching, and I need a new heater for my medium sized room (around 6x5m)

Have the $500 credit from Kogan, so I figured I can use some of that to buy a heater. Problem is:
1. the reviews on Kogan seems fake (i have also received fake items sold by Kogan - got refund but was a hassle), and
2. not many other shops sell the heaters that Kogan sells, so it’s hard to find genuine reviews.

Wondering if anyone has bought a heater from Kogan before, which brand and link if possible. Or is it best to just buy from a reputable brand from a reputable store such as JB Hi fi or office works etc.


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    better use the 500 credit for genuine bargain like their monitor when on sale

    go kmart/target/bunnings for $15 heater that works/performs the same


      Yes that was my plan, but I figured I could use a bit of the 500 to buy a heater.

      Asking in case anyone had any experience buying the brands that are advertised on Kogan, and if they work properly.

      So far reviews on various websites aren’t looking great, so I will probably look elsewhere.