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Summer Lunch Pack (5 Meals) + 2 Meals for $35.25 ($5.04/Meal) @ Youfoodz


Great deal from Youfoodz, at $5.04 per meal. Not the cheapest but tasty meals with convenience is a massive plus! Aside from this with the covid-19 virus going around if you need to self quarantine these are delivered to your door.

Simply add the Summer Lunch Pack which is $40 for 5 meals then 2 $9.95 meals. At the payment section put in the discount and it comes to $35.25!

Free delivery, excludes WA ($20).

Edit: FRESH-DELIVERED deal also available, which is the summer lunch pack (5 meals) + 1 meal for $29.25 delivered. 1 less meal but $6 less. Thanks johnno1987

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    • +36

      A bit hypocritical given it seems you support wage theft by that mentality with posts for Woolworths and 7/11 right?

      • +11

        Well that’s embarrassing! Thanks for calling out these hypocritical folks grandstanding every gad damn time

        • +24

          I dont disagree that there is some clear racism issues that the company should have addressed, it just annoys me the fact that it seems a vast majority who post about it seem to only have a hang up about this company doing the wrong thing, but clearly have no issues with other companies shorting millions of dollars from hard working people.

          I hope to see in future, the same people negging;

          SUPER RETAIL GROUP: Group that includes Rebel Sport and Super Cheap Autos underpaid workers $61.2 million
          COLES: underpaid $20 million
          DINNER BY HESTON: underpaid $4.5 million
          WOOLWORTHS: underpaid $400 million
          ROCKPOOL GROUP: underpaid $10 million
          MICHAEL HILL: underpaid $25 million
          GEORGE CALOMBARIS: underpaid $7.83 million and underpaid 2017 $2.6 million
          COFFEE CLUB: underpaid $37,000
          SUBWAY: underpaid $82,000
          BUNNINGS: incorrect superannuation payments
          WESFARMERS: underpaid an estimated $15 million.
          7-ELEVEN: “cash-back” wage exploitation scandal
          EAGERS: underpaid $4.5 million

          • +5

            @lac0449: Add Qantas to the list - underpaid workers $7.1 million.

          • +1

            @lac0449: how is woolies that high? over what time period is that?

            • @Kozhutki: News reports indicate over the past nine years.
              Many moons ago I worked for them and they'd just flex up your hours so they didn't pay overtime and the salary staff where always doing public holidays and 50+hrs per week.

            • @Kozhutki: I'm wondering the same I worked for them during uni years ago, can someone please confirm date range?

          • -2

            @lac0449: People need groceries though, and they have little choice outside of Woolworths and Coles. So that's a moot point champ. Also, this is a post about Youfoodz, why would people talk about boycotting other companies here? Stupid comment

          • +9

            @lac0449: I'm struggling to see your point with listing a bunch of other companies. It's not that people don't have issues with these bigger companies, it's more that its extremely difficult to participate in society without engaging with the companies that you have listed - bar some.

            I highly doubt that OP, or anyone else for this matter, has 'no issues' with other companies unethical practices. OP calling out this particular company as unethical still does not discount the matter that this company engages in wage theft. OP shopping at woolies, does not discount wage theft by Youfoodz. OP not calling out on every unethical issue done by any company.. does not discount the unethical actions of this one particular company.

            Youfoodz has unfortunately turned the spotlight to itself due to the actions of the founders in Singapore (in an unrelated issue to wage theft). Acting this way in a public space has it's consequences, which is why companies keep a close eye on the actions of their employees in public spaces - whether it be outside or social media. Again, people choosing to downvote this company is justified simply because this company engages in wage theft. The lack of action towards other companies, what does this have to do with Youfoodz? Is what OP saying wrong for any reason? Is the fact that he does not speak out against COLES mean that he should not downvote?

            Would the fact that we literally cannot action against every company that does anything unethical mean that we should let this one slide?

            • -2

              @renlireb: I'll put it into context;
              "Unethical company to be supporting."

              If that is your stance, one would assume that you would have the same view across the board. If you take this further in depth to what the statement relates too, its the very poor judgement of the CEO and partner on commentary made/uploaded of racist remarks (happy to be corrected if there was something else & which i agree, is offensive in nature)

              For the others that neg for quality of the food, i personally would agree (hence while i think this is a deal, is no longer a + for me), the issue i see is a constant barrage of social/keyboard warriors (not everyone of course) who are at the ready to fire off a comment "eg; unethical company" in a heartbeat but then is seen to be supporting other companies that are doing the wrong thing regardless of how big or small.

              So, do i personally have an issue with the OP, no. The call out is that if you're taking a stance on ethical behavior, is not hypocritical to neg Youfoodz, but then upvote, promote and support Woolworths?

              At the end of the day, regardless of youfoodz, woolies or any other company, they should all be held accountable for unethical behaviors in my opinion.

              • @lac0449: OPs statement on its own: "Unethical company to be supporting" is not incorrect.

                With the rest of your statement, be that as it may, but hypocrisy is not a valid argument against OP's choice to downvote.

                OP can be anything, such as a woolies-loving-secret-child-slaver, yet what he is, what he engages in, or whomever he supports - should have no bearing to whether OP wants to downvote.

                • @renlireb: In a world of free speech, open opinions and community discussion, we can all chair our input rightly or wrongly with a multitude of different views. I'm not hear to change your opinion or even the OP opinion I'm just calling it out for what it is that I saw in the statement made.

                  • @lac0449: True, that is your perogative and you are entitled to your speech (and your use of your vote!)

                    Personally, I think it's better to partially be on the right and take a stance, than to completely let this behaviour slide under all opportunities.

              • -1

                @lac0449: "If that is your stance, one would assume that you would have the same view across the board."
                Almost every (profanity) company has done unethical shit. If you boycott them all the you won't be able to live. So you listing a bunch of companies that people should boycott, like (profanity) grocery stores, where people get food from, is unrealistic. This is literally the "so you participate in society yet you criticise it, very curious" meme. Again, shit point

      • Got em

  • Thanks op just in time for my weekly order

  • +1

    Is $20 delivery normal?

    • +1

      In WA

    • +1

      Sadly I think for WA it is from what i see from other posts

      • Pretty standard for WA innit?

        • +3

          Nope. Not for most nationwide retailers when you live near Perth.

        • $10 delivery for Darwin

      • Bummer. Thanks anyway OP. Good deal for others.

  • +8

    FRESH-DELIVERED: 6 meals for $29.25 delivered also available.

    • My total comes to $39 how did you get it down to $29.25?

    • +2

      FRESH-DELIVERED is 6 meals for $39 (A$6.50 each) unless you get the Lunch pack and add one more meal to bring it to $29.25).
      (btw Smokey BBQ Chicken & Potato Salad is really yummy)

      • Thanks! This is a better deal at $4.88 per meal!

  • Does this work with snacks?

  • -1

    "Aside from this with the covid-19 virus going around if you need to self quarantine these are delivered to your door."….

    Good luck with that.

    "According to financial analysts, over 46 percent of Australians are living from paycheck to paycheck, with no financial fallback."

    Shazza and Dazza from Suburbia will still be going to work, and shopping at Colesworths unless they are on their death bed. We are screwed…

    • Luckily I'm working from home, in my own house, watching these idiots on the news…

  • +29

    Racist owner beware.

    • +11

      Not sure why you are being downvoted when there's video evidence the owner posted on his Instagram of his girlfriend openly mocking Asian people.

      • Because all people care about is getting a bargain. No different to idiots panic buying these days.

      • Its more than that. They mocked Asians in Asia. It's Singapore too, a sophisticated multi-cultural and multi-ethnic city where you'll see PSAs addressing their own brands of racism. It's understandable for locals to be suspicious of people they think are foreign but they had the privilege see the world beyond whats down the road and yet their minds are still stuck in Queensland.

        • Mocking Asians in Asia makes it worse? how does that even work?! care to share the metric on the OK and NOT OK areas that make it worse to be racist?

          yet when it happens in China we all stay quiet…. McDonald's BANNED black people in their stores in a whole city! its a one way street it seems

    • -2

      Who cares it’s cheap right?

    • I get it, honestly.

      But how/when do these protests end?

    • I thought they formally apologized for the isolated incident?

  • Great deal, thanks OP 👍

  • I get "TASTY-SAVINGS discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart" when adding the summer lunch pack and 1 9.95 meal

    • Maybe because that's not the code for the summer lunch pack? See here

    • You need to add 2 meals, not 1 meal.

      If you only want 1 additional meal with the Summer pack (5 meals), then use the code FRESH-DELIVERED & you will get your meals for $4.88 each.

  • +4

    Racist owner who has also been accused of underpaying employees, denying them their legal benefits and has allowed a culture of bullying and harrassment to fester in the company. Many of the employees also just happen to be migrants from India and South Asia on casual contracts.

    • -1

      Interesting take :)

    • +4

      7-11 & Dominos fits most of your description too. Only fair people boycott them too then.

  • +3

    Nah, I'll buy myself some good old closing times take away for $5 each.. Rather not give my money to racist ceo.

  • +3

    Support your local take away shop instead, they sure as hell are going to need it in the coming months.

    Negged cause the food is disgusting and the owner a racist.

    • Food is healthy and well balanced. Takeaway on the other hand…

      • +3

        No he's right, the food is absolutely disgusting - they've become cheap microwave food.

  • +5

    Last time I got these it had a massive hair in it so it you're worried about catching a virus this may not be the best option

  • +7

    I find the quantity insufficient,

    • +1

      Yep, YF has always had really small portions. I was using Zest Meals over YF because their portions were more dense but Zest Meals is no longer around. I imagine it's hard to compete with YF.

  • +3

    Found 2 black pubic hairs in my order. When I called up to tell them, they said asked me to provide a photo and when I sent it to them I got a response telling me that there’s no way of knowing that it wasn’t my own.

    • -1

      Would you have been ok if the hairs were blonde?

    • -1

      i would like to see the photo

    • Find a pic of someone that has recently waxed, email it back… if only just for the laughs?

  • +6

    Changed the food ingredients and no longer fresh or healthy

    Now they make them as cheap as possible with lots of unnatural ingredients

    • +1

      It's called bait and switch tactic

  • Terrible quality nowadays unfortunately

  • +14

    I just want to start off by saying that I was recommended YouFoodz by a friend and was told it a good company to order food from. I ordered around Wednesday last week and to start off, the menu was a bit confusing. I assumed I was ordering a Chickpea & Cashew Nut Curry which turned out to be a Vegetarian stew, Chickpeas were barely there. This frustrated me because basically I was paying for a spicy broth. Who just eats broth? I want vegetables! You just can't do that on a menu without asking for someone to become confused when they can't order what they want. The food was delivered rather quick, but I'm not very impressed because the box was leaking everywhere. Now, I'm not one to complain about aesthetics, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKES THE CHICKPEAS WAS BLACK. HOW ON EARTH IS THAT APPETISING? I'm sorry but that was a line in the sand I couldn't cross. Never mind the food, let's talk about the packaging. First off, when you see this sort of 1970s hippy vibe from the packets, which isn't bad, but it kind makes you feel like you just walked into your apartment after your 4/20 friendly roomie just took the largest bong rip of his life. The multiple pictures of chicken plastered all over the packaging when there's no chicken in it certainly don't help with this visual. The packaging felt cheap and utterly misleading. I mean, there was adequate colour between each package, however I couldn't help but notice my housemate sitting next to me talk about how gender norms were corrupting our society and how the patriarchy needed to be stopped and YouFoodz packaging is crap. Not to mention, while attempting to eating the black alien balls, ahem, "CHICKPEAS" at work, I couldn't help but notice a young coworker sitting across from me constantly staring at me while I ate my meal. Now, I certainly just assumed she was just helplessly captivated by my dashing good looks, as many women are, but it was clear she thought my food looked revolting. That's how bad it was. The smell? Nothing to talk about. It smells like a dumpster after a vegan barfed in it. Let's talk about the prices now, shall we? First off, I almost fainted when I first went on the website. FORTY NINE DOLLARS. FORTY NINE DOLLARS FOR A FEW SMALL CONTAINERS OF VEGETABLES. You've got to be pulling my leg. Don't even get me started on the price of the "meat meals" I felt cheated. I felt robbed. I certainly hope they don't expect me to order again because they'd already swindled me out of every dollar and cent in my billfold. I'm just lucky to not have caught some terrible communicable disease from those black "chickpeas". Suffice it to say I'll be ordering my chickpea curries elsewhere from now on.

  • -1

    Here comes all the racist comments from those who introduced the Corona by eating bat soup killing many people, and many economies.

    • -1

      Did you also have a bit of a sulk with the people who caused the global financial crisis? Or did they not give you the time of day?

  • Why are people loosing their minds over this company? Did they actually do something bad or is it just snowflakes being snowflakes?

    • +5

      Happy to repost but I looked at the ingredients of one meal.

      Then I checked the same ingredients a year later for the same meal they are selling..

      Very scary.

      • +4

        Some of the meals are starting to scare me: In terms of salt or saturated fat in some of them…

        Not to mention the random additives or emuslifers. From my understanding of food laws in Australia anything under 1% doesnt even have to be added to the label

        Example 1)
        Thickener (1422), Emulsifier (472e), Vegetable Gums (415, 407)], Chicken Stock [Flavour Enhancer (635)]

        Example 2) Thickener (1422) (from Maize), Stabilisers (415, 412),

        Preservative (385), NPreservatives (211, 233), Acidity Regulator (330), Stabiliser (415)], Soy Sauce, Crushed Garlic (0.7%), Vegetable Stock [Contains Milk, Flavour Enhancer (635)], Crushed Ginger, Canola Oil, Wasabi Powder [Contains Colours (102, 133),

        PER SERVE 335g AVG QTY
        PER 100g
        Energy (kJ) 1850 552
        Calories 413 129
        Fibre 5.3 1.6
        Protein (g) 33.9 10.1
        Fat, total (g) 17.9 5.3
        Saturated 8.0 2.4
        Carbohydrates (g) 33.3 9.9
        Sugars 12.5 3.7
        Sodium (mg) 1290 385

  • +1

    They should do a bundle deal with Gillette on eBay with 20% off. That'll really set people off.

  • +2

    not again, bad quality food

  • +2

    Can anyone actually recommend a better company to get these fresh meals from now? Similar pricing with actual good sized portions? YF give you (profanity) all for the price.

    • +4

      I don't know what people think they're entitled to for under $5 for a premade meal. I would never pay full price but I feel that on special they're fairly good value.

  • +2

    Quality has declined since 2019

    • glad im not the only one that noticed.

      THe company and quality was amazing when it first launched - got me and many others as buyers and advocates then they did a switcheroo

      They also removed some of the words like fresh and natural

  • small portion and tasteless food, NOT recommended

  • -1

    Cheers OP - Just ordered, happy to post an honest review here after (i've ordered from them in the past albeit over 6 months ago). Not worth starting a reply chain with the Chickpea troll above, not sure whats swirling around in that head.

    • +1

      I have at least ordered around 10 times from Youfoodz and I haven't really noticed any decline in the same meals I order frequently. I normally change it up with 2-3 different meals as I normally order at least 8-9 meals per order.

      People just being salty over comments made. Yet tend to slander a company because of it which I find is funny as. But hey its 2020

      • +1

        i was trying to find it earlier but i compared the spaghetti (or one of the meals) ingredients and then again in a years time

        you will get a huge shock… i can dig it up if you're interested but scared me enough into never buying again

  • I still cant get tasty-savings or fresh-delviered voucher codes to work with the order combinations people have used successfully. Keep getting "quantity requirements are not met". Anyone else having issues with this?

  • +1

    Summer Lunch Pack is no longer on their website :(

    • This is the link for it, I ordered and then it was coming up as blank so I'm guessing they got rid of it lol..


      • thanks, yea it comes up blank. missed out :(

        • +1

          Damn. I just got in there, but these two details are still okay.

          If you add the Summer Clean Meal Pack (6 meals) + 1 meal, best code is FRESH-DELIVERED. You'll get 7 meals for $38.25 which is $5.46 each.
          If you add the Summer Clean Meal Pack (6 meals) + 2 meals, best code is TASTY-SAVINGS. You'll get 8 meals for $44.25 which is $5.53 each.

  • If you get the dinner pack + 1 extra meal + 1 protein ball it is $40 for the lot $5.70ish per meal… not as good as the lunch pack pricewise, but better meals IMO

  • Bad quality food from low quality company

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