Least Eye Strain 27-32" Monitor for Office work

Hi, I'm looking for the monitor which causes the least amount of eye strain for office work. From a bit of research that would probably be an LED IPS monitor with flicker free technology, a high contrast ratio, and maybe high refresh rate. I have a standard 27" now and am thinking a bigger monitor would help with eye strain as well, but have also read that some people find 32" monitors too big. Any advice is much appreciated!


  • High refresh rate for games or because you will think it will help eye strain? because your looking at spending several hundred dollars more and I don't think it will help eye strain. I personally don't mind a high pixel pinch monitor (I use a 34” widescreen running at 2560x1080 and don't sit very far back from it) Your best bet to see if you will mind it or not is to go somewhere with lots of 1080p monitors on display and see how far you get before you can't see the pixel pinch. Don't know what your budget is but LG make some affordable IPS widescreens such as https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/25-LG-UltraWide-25UM58-P-IPS-WFH... good luck.

  • I got a Samsung CHG70 that has an eye strain? mode built in. You can also get software to change the colours to make it more tolerable. eg flux.

  • I use a 35" ASUS ROG monitor, definitely not too big at all so long as you have a big enough desk to fit it.

    • The ROG monitors are designed for gaming right? I don't game so am probably looking for something else

      • Yeah, there are cheaper non gaming alternatives. Samsung and Aoc will have more basic line ups

        ASUS ROG tends to be more expensive

  • Buy whatever monitor you'd like and get a pair of blue light blocking glasses like Swannies or Gunnars.

    I sit in front of a monitor all day for work and my eyes were very strained and I'd often find it difficult to get to sleep. Grabbed a pair of Swannies from Amazon and they've been very good at reducing eye strain and I'm getting to sleep without much of an issue.

  • Thanks guys! I've got blue light filtering glasses already so blue light is not an issue. From what I've read flicker free, high contrast ratio (and larger text) will probably help. I'd like to use an IPS monitor for the colours as well. Any other recommendations?

    • Some eye doctors say that if you are spending large amounts of time monitor viewing to stop looking at the monitor once an hour and stare at some other non electrical device (ie a wall or a cupboard) for one minute, much like stretching your back and neck once you get off your chair apparently doing this helps with relief.