Dog Tennis Ball Gun Launcher with 2 Tennis Balls $12.89 (Was $29.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ AhaTechAus Amazon AU


Dog Tennis Ball Gun Launcher w/2 Squeaky Balls Pet Play/Fetch/Throw Outdoor Toy

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    3 total reviews of 1 star, sounds promising

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    This product is so bad. I had a friend who bought one and they shoot about 30cms!


    looks terrible, I have two dogs who chase balls in the park but I'm pretty sure no one needs this thing, ever!


    this is great for people that have disabilities and have pets.
    I hope normal healthy people dont buy this to be more lazy


      interesting, although by the reviews even 'healthy' people won't be lazy for too long, the launcher is prolly gonna break pretty quick!


      This model is not. This takes a lot of force to pull the handle, and is best done with two hands. If you have the strength and dexterity to operate this thing, you can throw a ball further than this shoots it.

      The NerfDog Blaster can be operated with one hand and not much force required, so ok for someone with a disability to use, but doesn't shoot very far at all. Also gets gummed up and you have to wash out the dog spit pretty often.

      Have been looking for something better than the NerfDog, unfortunately this one is much worse

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