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Free Use of Atlassian's Cloud Products during COVID-19 Disruptions


In response to the coronavirus crisis, Atlassian is now offering Jira and its other cloud-based software for free to help people work and learn from home.

From Thursday anyone can access the cloud versions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core at no cost. Certain versions of Trello, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie were already available for free.

"While working remotely is the right thing to do during this time of social distancing, making the transition with little or no warning is unavoidably disruptive. Virtually every familiar feature of office life – from the bulletin board where your team tracks work in progress to the whiteboard you use for brainstorming – has to undergo its own version of digital transformation," said Atlassian co-CEO and founder Scott Farquhar in a statement.

For teachers, Atlassian is offering a free one-year subscription to the Business Class version of Trello to help with distance learning. This is available to anyone who teaches primary and highschool students, as well as those working in higher education institutions.

Atlassian has also launched a remote work hub that offers a consolidated place to find all of its products as well as those of its partner such as Slack, Zoom, G Suite, and Dropbox. The hub also offers advice around productivity and collaboration for working remotely.

"This is a moment to come together to make the remote journey an easy one for as many people and teams as we can, wherever they are and whatever they do.," said Farquhar.

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  • Is the Jira and Confluence offering any different from their normal offering?
    One of the annoying things is that no per user / group permissions are available, at least in Confluence.
    So you can open up a space to read / write etc.. to everyone or yourself as the owner only.

    Still a great offering.

    • RE: Confluence space permissions, yeah, you have to upgrade from the free plan to (at least) the standard plan

  • Good luck getting any support or answers from them. Support is non-existent.

    • train up and.offer tech support for jira and.confleunce

    • Does getsupport.atlassian.com not work for you? I use the small business offering of Jira/Conf and have a direct line to em through that. That said, the cloud offerings gives me a Win 10 esque vibe, run into a lot of bugs compared to when we were using the server version instead.

  • the scariest thing about COVID-19 is that it looks like a JIRA ticket

  • JIRA imo is too heavy. Asana/clickup is more suitable for smaller teams. Even Trello, which is one of their products, is much better.

    • -1 vote

      I agree with your Jira assessment, but Asana is horrible and Trello is not a replacement. Haven't tried ClickUp, will check it out.

      • Yea we use clickup at our workplace with a team of 10 devs after trialling a few different products. And yea we were looking for something to replace Trello although I would say it is still good for much smaller teams if you're getting a project off the ground than with Jira. Gluck with your search

  • +4 votes

    No thanks.

  • +6 votes

    A nice gesture, however I have heard of a number of IT vendors offering their product for free during this period, however once you are hooked in and the free period ends you are locked in to paying

    • One too many however

    • if you found it useful, is it really wrong to pay for it?

        • definitely need to look up a dictionary before calling it a bait and switch

          • @frankfurtman:

            need to look up a dictionary

            No, no, no. You need to look it up in the dictionary, not look up a dictionary. There are great explanations online for people with mediocre English skills. Don't be afraid to look it up.

            • @ocoolio: It's look it up in a dictionary, not the, a dictionary is not a proper noun. Please consult your local English class asap.

              • @frankfurtman: It's entertaining how bad your English is.

                a dictionary is not a proper noun

                First, of course, dictionary is not a proper noun; but also, you do not understand what a proper noun is: the name of a particular person, place, or object that is spelled with a capital letter. You learned something today, you can thank me later.

                I also sense that you missed my initial point, namely that you should not look up a dictionary, but a word in a dictionary. NB: both a and the are correct, depending on the context, but it has nothing to do with dictionary being a common noun.

                consult your local English class

                Second, you cannot consult a class. You could, however, consult a person, such as your teacher in your class.

      • That's what people said about yammer…

      • No, not at all, if you can afford it and need it.

        Usually you would look at this as part of your decision making whether to use a product. I work for a large multinational company and we were specifically warned by our procurement dept. to read the fine print before signing up for any free offers for products that are normally paid.

        Just making a general comment, may not apply here

    • This is not a limited period - but limited users. When you want to ad >10 users, youll need to upgrade.

    • You heard others offering free stuff during this period (i.e. the outbreak) and turning it into a marketing scheme afterwards - please oh please tell me what time you are living in (November 2020?) when this post-outbreak phase happens?

  • Advertisement, not a bargain

  • Does anyone wanna open a confluence account so we can record our lockdown stories and a JIRA board for any help required ? What say you ? WHAT SAY YOU ?

  • No thank yuo

  • This is nice but before dedicating everything to it I have a dumb question. What would happen later in the year if this whole situation were to get better and everything goes back to business as usual again? Would we be able to continue using these free Atlassian platforms as we would now, or would we get locked out of ours projects once they decide they no longer need to offer their services for free?

  • It was already free since September last year (https://www.atlassian.com/blog/platform/cloud-premium). I am trying to understand whether there's anything new or Atlassian just took the old news and posted it again.

  • Or you can use Azure DevOps (VSTS) which is always free?

    • Pfft, "always free", that's not an ozbargain. An ozbargain is something that we had to pay for and now don't. /s

  • Jira service desk is free for up to 3 agents anyways