Miracle of Sound Music Bundle 3 - US $2 (~AU $3.50) Minimum @ Groupees


A new music bundle has started on Groupees from Miracle of Sound who makes video game music consisting of numerous genres. He's a popular artist in the gaming industry with more than 40 million views of his work and 50% of your payment will be donated to the DirectRelief Coronavirus Relief.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Level 2 (album)
Level 3 (album)
Level 4 (album)
Level 5 (album)
Lilac And Violet (single)
Level 1 - The 2011 Collection (album)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Level 6 (album)
Level 7 (album)
Level 8 (album)
Level 9 (album)
Level 10 (album)

Both of the bonuses have already been unlocked.

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  • +1 vote

    +1 for Gav, his music is amazing and he's a good all-round dude. Highly recommend all of his most recent albums.