Xiaomi Dreame hand vaccuum thread

Thought Id start a thread for those looking to purchase (I know you probably cant get much from China at the moment)

I purchased the Dreame about 5 months ago and I use it several times daily as I have a messy toddler and 2 other super messy kids :P I still do a full vacuum at least once a week but the dreame is great for going under table after meals etc. We have floorboards and tiles so I cant comment on carpet although it works fine on our rugs. I also use it to clean the car and its good for that on full blast. We dont have pets so cant comment on animal hair.

Would like to hear other people's experience if they have had one of these for a while but all up it seems a great product :)


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    Admittedly I've only used mine 2-3 times but I'm loving it so far. It does a great job on my old carpet even with the standard attachment it comes with.

    I was actually shocked at the amount of crap in the chamber after only vacuuming for about 5 minutes!

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    Perfect post, been considering if i should get one :)

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    I've had my V9 Dreame for a few months and am a big fan of it.

    For context:
    - Two people (GF and I) + Two cats
    - 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom House with Carpets in 3/4 bedrooms, Tiled bottom floor (120sqm) and mostly wood top floor (approx the same).
    - Did not buy the carpet head
    - Previously owned a Dyson V8 but cost vs Performance wasn't worth it
    - Currently own a Dyson Cinetic big ball (newer model but base model with only the two additional attachments)

    On tiles/wood on the lowest setting the Dreame will pick-up practically anything with little effort (cats have crystal litter and it picks it up no issue). On carpet I've never seen so much hair come up off of it (we have very short carpets, and a handful of short to medium length rugs). This is even after running the Dyson big ball over it. Runtime never seems to be an issue I haven't had it run flat yet but it's worth mentioning we run it over the house frequently since it's so easy. Will get caught on the corner of rugs same as any with a motor head. Cleaning/maintence is easy I find (not as easy as the Dyson big ball which has the same design as the Dyson V10/v11, but still easy enough).

    Packaging was good, it looks very high end mounted to the wall (I've had friends/family say it looks like Apple made a vacuum). Mounting process was easy and feels secure make sure you're somewhat close to a PowerPoint.

    Worth mentioning that same as the Dysons your hand can get a little sore holding the trigger down (Mum returned a V8 because it hurt her wrists too much) in which case you'll have to look at the LGs or similar that have a on/off button instead.

    Overall love it and may buy one for upstairs eventually for when I'm feeling lazy!


    What do you do your full vacuum with?


      If you mean me I have one of the Dyson ball vacs. The most basic model, was approx $350 several years ago. FWIW Im fairly happy with that too.

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    Need an eBay code to take it to the $240 mark again and I think I'll grab one. Any reps reading this? Gearbite?


    Good to see this post.
    I got the Dyson v6 and have been extremely disappointed with it; to the point that I'm hesitant to purchase another product of this type. The convenience of the device is evident though, so I'd like to get another.

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    I have a Dyson v6 animal nearing the end of it's life. I bought the V9 Dreame a few weeks ago for $300 with the carpet roller. We have a two story house, cat, carpets, hard floors, and kids.

    This machine is significantly better than the Dyson in every way. I use it on medium and can do the whole house without it going flat. It picks up more dirt than the Dyson, and is significantly quieter. The mount is sturdy and easy to attach to the wall. One thing - it is heavier and slightly less maneuverable than the Dyson but I'm used to it now.

    I would recommend this machine.


    New eBay code PAINTED15 can be applied to the Dreame V9 at this link.
    It's $271.96, obviously not as good as previous deals but the best at the moment.


    Hello. I am looking to buy this vacuum from eBay.

    Can somebody please confirm what should be the best price or if any link for the best discount. I saw there was a deal for $240 but it is not valid now.

    We have thick carpet in our bedrooms. Will it be worth buying carpet head separately.



    Cordless feature is not important for me. All I am looking for machine which sucks better. Do I have better bagless option in this price point?

    I like V9, my friend has it. But if I can get better machine in this price point by not having cordless option, that would be great.

    I have Miele X1 in mind, though it is around 350$.



    Hanging out for another $240 or less deal for my sister and my mum.


    Bump old thread.
    I ordered a V11 from Gearbite and they advised it was out of stock.

    They offered me a T20 for the same price which I was initially keen to take up, but have noticed some negative feedback about the motorhead dying.

    Is that an inherent problem with the model or just an isolated issue?

    Opinions requested to help my decision.



      For the T20 I saw a motorhead fixing youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnCDtZyFJx8 which outlined the issue, text from the video said "Production date as mentioned on the box of my unit was 11/2020. I have also heard people mention their T20 with a 09/2020 production date had the plastic tabs already removed upon disassembly. The production date on the box may or may not be the production date of the included smart brush, we can’t really say." I bought one recently and will open it up to make sure those tabs are removed :P


    Can anyone who has the V10 with the "All Surface Motorized Head" tell me how it goes on hard floors? Wondering if that will do the job or if I need to find one with a soft roller head.