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[eBook] 50+ Free Sesame Street eBooks @ Amazon AU / US / iTunes | 30 Free eBooks @ Google Play (Were ~$4 - $6 Each)


Greetings everyone, Amazon have dropped the prices on these well reviewed Sesame Street eBooks for a limited time :)

Great for entertaining the kids during these tough times.

All books can be found in the search link in the OP, the Amazon US versions can be found in this link.

Google Play Store also has these eBooks for free, I believe there are 30 available. I have attempted to capture them all in this link.

iTunes Book Store also has a range of free Sesame Street eBooks, just search "Sesame Street" in the app and you should see a range of eBooks available for free purchase.

The list includes Chinese and Spanish versions, I have removed these out of the title for transparency.

As always, enjoy :)


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  • Self isolation kids library sorted! Thanks!

    • Also, try just searching for children books and sorting free.

    • Google's list ain't all free…

  • Are these always free?

    • No, they are generally around $4 - $6 each.

  • +5

    Can't buy it without any payment method in google play.

    I just found a way to get them free without adding any payment method.

    Download and create account from google Opinion Rewards and then you will have $0.00 google play credit. Even with $0 balance, I can now buy free eBooks.

    • -2

      Yep works that way.
      Been using google opinion for years and collecting almost $60+ until i realised its now $15+ due to expiry. I always give randon false answers anyway as some Qs were repeated

      • +2

        Google knows you are lying 🤥

  • Thanks OP!

  • +3

    The Monster at the End of This Book is a book I had as a child, and now it's mine once more! Thank you!

  • Are the ebooks suppose to in black & white, or is it my settings that is showing BW instead of colour?

    • Turn off dark mode

  • cant deliver to kindle?

    • +1

      These all probably picture books.

      • Spoton AustriaBargain.. picture books. As an alternative to a Kindle you can use the Kindle app or Kindle Cloud reader.

        • +1

          It's so annoying these "Kindle edition" ebooks can't be read on a Kindle, even though they're perfectly capable of displaying pictures in grey scale.

          • @shiznit: Agreed shiznit. For me, the iPad Kindle app was my first preference. It nicer for the kids the see the books in colour (and easier for me to read on the bigger screen). But they all should be Kindle compatible.
            That said, I've noticed I accidentally sent some of these books to my Kindle eg "Blast from the Past" and "H is for Hero". I must have selected Kindle instead of iPad by mistake. So asa79, you might have luck if you try other books.

      • But they say Kindle Edition

  • Thanks Op :)

  • Gah. Amazon not letting me again! Stupid region settings su store says My account is US and the us store won’t let me.

    This always happens to me :(

    • Au store *dam autocorrect

  • Thanks OP great Post!

  • the itune book store ebooks has quite a few read along ebooks : ) Great ones: )

  • Thanks OP. Managed to get the deal from turn is site. But the aus site looks like its stopped offering it…