Western Australian Solar Power for House


I am looking into getting solar power for my house but am quite overwhelmed after some online price and specification searching.
I would appreciate if anyone could help me understand what i should be looking for in terms of price, energy needs, installation and government rebates. Linking me to resources may also be quite useful as i don't have the slightest idea with how to get started. Thanks


  • Solarquotes.com.au has everything you’ll need! I was in the same boat but read a lot of the info and was able to make an informed choice. Day 2 of solar and loving it knowing I got a fair price on quality products and a good install. Good luck!

    • +1 for solar quotes. The benefit of this website apart from the wealth of knowledge is the feedback system. It's in the company's best interest to do the right thing by you. Solarquotes give you a great guide as to what panels and inverters are good, bad and in between, as well as deciding what company to choose based on extensive feedback.

  • There's a number of threads on Whirlpool with contributions from members with extensive knowledge of solar which may be of assistance to you.


    Also a thread by a Perth member.


    • Second this very strongly, there is a lot of pages but certainty a great insight into the WA market and general understanding of solar and the industry.

      Personally, I used that site heavily when deciding what installer, panels and inverters to get.

  • Best advice I received on Whirlpool was to go with a well regarded local electrician who also does installs as they were far more likely to remain in business no matter the solar market.
    The "big" Solar installation companies at the time have since come and gone as the market has cycled over the years. They had nothing to fall back on in the hard times and went bankrupt. And any "warranty" vanished with them.

    A good installer will use quality components only, cause their time is worth more than the hassle of coming back to fix cheap parts under "warranty". So you're not going to get the cheapest system, but you will get a good quality, reliable system with long term support.

    Don't get suckered into batteries unless you're willing to pay a premium to ride through blackouts.
    Even in SA (where I live and where grid prices are high and there is a significant government rebate of $5000) batteries are at best borderline economic.

  • Start with understanding your power consumption (it’s on the bill) and how/when you use it.

    Then look at solar quotes.

    Don’t go with the cheapest company or the one wit the flashiest ads. They are likely to give you a standard package with no thought and use inferior products and subcontractors to install.

  • What is your average quarterly bill?

    • Ranging from $300-$500 depending on the time of year

      • Is that 2 monthly? I'm in the same boat as you, wanting to get solar after receiving my last $550 bill 😭 have you chosen a company yet?

        • I have not, decided to wait until everyone is back at work before i start getting quotes