Has Anyone Spoken to Customer Service in Regard to Non-Refundable Bookings with Hotels.com?

My partner and I had a hotel booking in May and obviously since all international flights with Virgin Australia have been cancelled we will no longer be able to go on our trip.

I'm sure many people are in the same boat and would like to know if anyone else has been able to reschedule or change their non-refundable hotel bookings with Hotels.com?

I haven't tried contacting them yet as there is a message on their website discouraging people from calling unless your hotel booking is within the next 72 hours. However the booking was for a hotel under the Marriott umbrella and on their website it states they are offering refunds on hotel bookings until the 30th of April even for those with more restrictive bookings. However, since I haven't booked directly through them I need to get in touch with Hotels.com.

Anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did you go?

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    Travel Insurance

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      most don't cover pandemics

    • Useless.

      • If your flight is cancelled and you can’t rebook…. why wouldn’t travel insurance cover non refundable accommodation?

        • You need to read the policy. In particular check the exclusions.

        • 2 problems:

          1. Most policies don't cover pandemics
          2. Most people start a policy from the day they start to travel not 2 months before they travel. Problems that occur outside the covered period is not covered.
          • @monkeybusiness: All policies start from the moment they are purchased for a specific travel period. There are many covered events that occur prior to travel date.

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    They're refunding for anyone that would be staying up to the end of April. That will most likely get extended as the time comes. If they say 72 hours even if you manage to get through they will most likely push you aside as your booking is still in the non refundable category.

    • Thanks, did you have a booking through them as well?

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    We booked thru them, non refundable hotels. Hotel said full refund will be given.

    I dunno why so many people always ask ozbargain first, just do it!

    • Thanks! Didn't want to call and bombard the system yet as our booking is in May.

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    Sometimes it's better to get an understanding of a situation before you make the call. Make negotiations easier if someone has gone through the same situation 1st.

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    CheapTickets seems to be refunding non refundable accommodation bookings. (Via online assistant).

    Expedia not so sure. (Via a form).

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      I had two non-refundable hotel bookings this week through Expedia. One was a Marriott hotel, the other a much smaller company with maybe 5 hotels. I was aware of the Marriott refund offer for the first hotel. For the second hotel, I contacted the hotel directly by email and asked if they would provide a refund in the circumstances, and they confirmed by email that they would. I phoned Expedia, requested refunds and provided the supporting information. Expedia independently confirmed the two bookings would be refunded by the providers, and Expedia then refunded the entire amounts to my credit card. Pretty painless, apart from the 90 min wait on the Expedia helpline.

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        Have you seen the money back on your card ?

        Do you have a confirmation in writing? Or a confirmation/ticket number?

        Do you see it in a Expedia/itineraries/history as refunded ?


        • I received an email from Expedia for each cancellation with the subject line "Expedia Hotel Cancellation Confirmation", and the email stated "You will receive a refund of $xx.xx". The money for both has been refunded to my credit account. In my list of Expedia trips, it simply says "Cancelled" next to each trip, and when I go into a specific trip it states the refund amount and a balance of $0.

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        I waited 4 hours to get through the other Sunday 😐. Didn’t have any luck with my non-refundable, although the guy helping me was a bit of a numpty.

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    If you can contact the hotel via Hotels.com, do so. Send them a message and ask them if they'll allow refund. I reckon they will given the current situation.

    Then call Hotels.com and they'll certainly do the refund.

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    Hi I travel full time and had to do this for many bookings. Although I do book through Agoda/booking.com should be pretty similar process, and easiest way is to contact the booking site as they’ll handle everything for you ie. call up the hotel/chase things up etc. In the case of non refundable trips especially ones where the money has already been paid to the hotel, it’s pretty much up to the hotel. Hotel.com can try to negotiate with the hotel on your behalf but ultimately it’s up to them (Marriott). In your case I imagine that you’d most likely get your money back if due to coronavirus situation you still aren’t able to travel there in May.

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    Tried with Agoda, but zero response via social, email, and nearly 7 hours total hold time on the phone. Pricks.

    • Really? they were very responsive with me over email and phone could always get in touch with them easily And prompt replies. Socials were a waste of time though. Not sure if your booking is still a little while off and maybe they’re dealing with the most immediate bookings first. Good luck!

    • I emailed Agoda 2 weeks ago and they replied the next day. However they were probably not as busy at that time.

    • I just had some communication with Agoda about a non-refundable booking. I contacted the hotel first through Agoda messages. They agreed to the refund. Then I contacted Agoda and referred them to the message. Refund processed in about five days. Pretty quick for these unusual times I thought.

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    I had a non refundable booking in tokyo. Called hotels.com and they called the hotel and they agreed to cancel without penalty.

    Prior to calling, I tried to send a message but I got a reply saying that they can't do cancelations via email.

    So my advice is to call.

    However, given the even greater volumes now (I canceled 3 weeks ago), the wait is likely to be very long.

    • Excellent, that's very helpful! Thank you.

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