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[PC] 100% off Quarantine Games @ itch.io


It's a hectic time for a lot of us with everything going on, so stay inside and play some games. Hundreds of developers have put their games on sale (including many 100% off!) to help make social distancing just a bit easier.

Free games! 😁

was $4.99

SilverQuest: Gaiden
was $5.99

Spooky Ghosts Dot Com
was $4.99

Lucah: Born of a Dream
was $15.00

Quest of Dungeons
was $4.99

Milkmaid of the Milky Way
was $4.99

was $2.00

No Response
was £1.00

was £1.00

was $5.00

Cardinal Chains
was $1.99

was $4.00

was $4.99

Bleed 2
was $9.99

Gravity Garden
was $10.00

Crashed Lander
was $5.00

Chunky Orbits
was $2.00

Mu Cartographer
was $5.00

was $2.99

Subserial Network
was $9.99

was $4.99

From Orbit
was $14.99

was $10.00

Shu's Garden
was $4.99

Galactic Wars
was £2.00

was name your price

The Restless
was €1.00

Low Poly Fir Trees (Unity asset pack)
was €1.00

My Last Friend
was €2.00

Hide The Porn!
was €1.00

The Concierge
was €3.12

Fading Light Descent
was €1.69

Hide the Body
was €4.07

Cosmic Rochambo
was $5.00

Rebop Blasters
was $10.00

Death Ray Manta SE
was £1.00

Macbat 64
was $1.99

Retro Arcade Adventure Remade
was $1.99

Gyossait Deluxe Edition
was $8.00

CandyZoo 2 Electric Boogaloo
was $3.00

Everybody Got Mad
was $3.00

Mud Slinger
was $1.00

WilliU: The Big Getback
was $3.00

Quiet as a Stone
was $9.99

Fugue in Void
was €5.00

was $7.00

Far Future Tourism
was $5.00

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  • +11

    Can anyone offer recommendations?

    • +7

      Yeah wondering if any of them are actually any good.

    • +3

      This one is fun (have played a bit of it) if you like old point n click adventure games.


    • +1

      Not part of this sale but Diamond Dash seems to be free now. It's a fun little 2d platformer with some puzzle elements to it. Some levels are rage-inducingly hard tho but thankfully can be skipped as long as you do the others.

      Also keen to try out Lucah. Thanks OP!

    • +2

      Bleed and Bleed 2 are pretty good platformers.

  • +7

    Too many choices, didn't select anything :(

    • +7

      Wish there was a button to click to buy them all and then forget you bought them.

  • +2

    They don't even have Quarantine 1 & 2.


    • (profanity) this is nostalgic!
      Favourite game growing up, I think Quarantine 2 was called road warrior?
      Time to troll the depths of the internet to find these little gems

  • Not that I've played them but I've heard good things about Bleed, Bleed 2 and Milkmaid of the Milky Way

    • +2

      I've paid real money for these on switch. Sadly also haven't played yet so no further comment

    • +25
      1. Large sales of things like the 90% off art supplies are helpful when people are on quarantine and in isolation.
      2. These games are free. No one is taking your money. Literally zero dollars changes hands.

      Yeah there are businesses running exploitative sales, go vent your frustration at them.

      • +7

        They took my priceless $0 coin!

    • +11

      Plenty of these games have a bunch of positive reviews.
      If it's not your kind of game, move on instead of being a douche about it.

      • +3

        Though I agree the use of the word “trash” is unnecessarily dismissive, it is definitely worth mentioning to those who are unaware that the vast majority of games on Itch are VEEERY indie and a lot of them are not worth anyone’s time.

        This particular selection however has some gems in there if you are willing to dig through.

        • -1

          "and a lot of them are not worth anyone’s time."
          Just wow.
          You were so close to actually being aware of what you were saying.

          How in the hell are you the arbiter of what anyone wants to play or spend their time on?

          • +8

            @timps: You have never heard of the term shovelware or asset flip?

            Calm down mate it is safe to say that a lot of (not all) the games that don’t even appear on Steam (itself a haven for total crap shovelware) would be of such low quality to not be worth wasting - our increasingly precious -time on.

            I know exactly what I am saying and stand by it.

  • Can you add these games to the collection and download them when they're not free?

    • You have to add them to your library.
      A collection is just a "list" of stuff.
      But yes. You can add them all to your library now and download later.

      • Where is the add to your library button?

      • Not seeing how to do that. If I got just take me to the downloads' then I can download and a link to 'add to collection' is there.. but after hitting download it doesn't show in my 'library'.

  • Free shovelware

  • Hmmm when is streets of rage 4/Bare Knuckle 4 coming out….

  • +6

    Not a bad game. Took me a good ten minutes to beat all the levels, albeit gameplay is repetitive when clicking each link to add to my account.

  • Looked at them all. Found 21 I feel like giving a crack!
    Good find OP!

  • When I click on 'Quest of Dungeons' it comes up as USD$4.99
    You say it "was" 4.99 - did you mean "is"?

  • It seems to have expired, I'll update the list. Thanks

  • Lucah is probably the best game on this list.

  • Just spent a couple of hours on "From Orbit." Pretty good, I say. Two thumbs up!