Cheap bidet - i5 Jetwash Toilet Bidet

For those without a power point in the toilet, has anyone tried this cheap bidet?


  • I have a bidet which attaches to the existing toilet. I bought the KRAFTIG bidet from ebay and it's worked a treat. I installed one a few years back and just installed a second when the toilet paper issue started.

    The thing I like about KRAFTIG (not sure if i5 has it) is that there is that other than bidet function, there's a cleaning function too to clean the unit. There's a second jet in the unit which sprays the sprayer.

    Downside is I bought my first one for $30ish? the second was $38.. Now it's listed for buy-it-now for $75..

  • After trying one at my friends place, I’m looking for a model that comes with significant jet thrust. The base models are just ok.