Looking for Mazda CX-9 Maintenance Booklet

Could anyone please help me out.
i have mis placed my service booklet. Can anyone take a clear photo shot of the items for the cx9 azami scheduled maintenance page which should be in the last page of the booklet. (i have a cx5's booklet, but the last page with itemized list is not for cx9)

I dont take it into Mazda anymore for service. I use Lubemobile, so hoping they can follow the list and for my reference too.
much appreciated anyone who could help me out here.

PM me if you can help me out. Thanks in advance


    • yes. something like that. I found that one already too.
      but I believe the one for Australia looks slightly different. If no one can give me a copy, I guess I will have to use that for the mechanic.

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    Oof that's gonna kill your resale

    • I know…..damn it!
      at least it's only 3 years old and I have kept all my service receipts to go along with the new booklet i will print out and attach to.

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        It's gonna cost you, but better to order a re-issued one through Mazda. Maybe $50 for the service book now, could save you tenfold that when you come to sell it

  • There's a few available on eBay to choose from if you can't source a genuine one.


  • The last page is blank

    • prove to me….sent me the last page and the second last page.

      • I have an MY19 Azami, not sure if they've changed the maintenance booklet since your version. For my model, the scheduled items list is in the car manual, not the maintenance booklet, which seems to be only for the authorised service centre to stamp.