expired Wii Controller and Nunchuck Combo $38.84


I'm searching to get an additional wii remote + nunchuck for my kids, and found this at big w website. It's original nintendo, but it's not motion plus. Since I got a red steel 2 game which is come with free motion plus so this is not a problem for me.

Red steel 2 + wii motionplus.


Mod: Added price in title

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    Price in title.

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    You are going to be scrap meat to jv

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      lol any min now.

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        He's not on the ball today!


    Don't think original gear comes with patterns.


    I don't think these are Original Nintendo, even though the Big W website states their brand name is Nintendo.

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    1) No price in title
    2) Not that cheap for aftermarket controls. Target has a set for about $30 at the moment from memory. Online obviously cheaper.

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    they are 'GT Coupe' brand controllers, worst part is with the deal itself is so poorly listed in this post :(

    as far as I can see, the nun chuck and remote are $38.84, which is not so cheap for a knock off pairing.

    DSE has a nicer memorex bundle (with motion plus in it) for $50 http://dicksmith.com.au/product/YG4107/memorex-black-white-n...


      and the one from dse comes with wireless numchuck :)

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    Not so cheap really. I would prefer a knockoff from ebay sent direct from Hong Kong.


    most definitely NOT nintendo brand


    Definitely not Nintendo, and therefore definitely not cheap


    The Red Steel 2 is a great price though, trades in at $12 if you want a cheap M+ add-on. GAME also has cheapo Wii Remotes at $20, tho can't recall if they come with the chuck.

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