Partner visa 820, waiting for permanent resident 801 visa - Jobseeker eligability?

Hi all,

My partner has unfortunatley found herself unemployed like many others over the weekend. We are currently waiting for her 801 visa which is her PR. The wiating time until she receives this is still about 12 month off according to our immi account. This is a bit of a unique situation and so far have been unable to get any clarity or get through to Centrelink to find out if she might be elliagable for any welfare/jobseeker etc.

Just a bit concerened we may now be relying soley on my income for the forseeable future.

Anyone else in the same situation and been able to get any clarity?



  • Hey @skmed did you get an answer about this from Centrelink? My husband just lost his job and he is on a partner visa, I lost my job at the start of this and I can't get through to them. Hope it worked out for you.

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      We got through to centrelink a couple times regarding Jobseeker. Unfortunately they don't seem to know, their advice is "apply and see" lol.

      JobKeeper is going to be handled by the taxation department, and again, they don't know. It's too early for them to know at this stage as its not been made legislation yet (when we called late last week that is)

  • Hi
    I am in the same boat. Partner on a partner visa 309. I called centrelink. Rep. said under current rules wifey not eligible for jobseeker payments as her visa is Temporary (even though she can stay here indefinitely??) . I asked what effect the new rules have where newly arrived immi.. waiting period has been waived. She said the new rules have not been formulated yet. Rep. told my wife to go ahead and apply for jobseeker to see if they accept her application. But I dont think they will accept it as the applicant needs to be atleast a PR as per the Social Security Act 1991


    • My wifey who is on 309 equivalent to the 820 i think, well her claim got rejected. But i was expecting it. Seems unfair though. Anyone know if people on 309 or 820 are eligibel for parenting payements (not parental leave)? Thanks.

  • Hi guys,
    To be clear

    1. Job keeper allowance

    Only through your own employer and they must registered and pay and get reimburse back from ATO. Nothing to do with centrelink .
    Payment 1500 before tax.
    Full time, parttime or casual more than 12 months . Australian citizen, PR, visa 444. No other visa categories

    1. Patner 820.
      Yes. You are eligible for apply FTB, parental leave pay and dad patner pay, low income health care card

    Hope this helpful.

    • Anyone know what all benefits partner visa is eligible for and the waiting periods. Centrelink seems a bit vague, states its limited. Would have been good if they had just listed them in the next sentence.

  • So my partner's workplace applied for jobkeeper and for some reason my partner was eligible! They put her name in and she's already received back payment!! :O

    Now I'm wondering what are the chances it's a mistake and she'll end up having to pay back the money :/

    • the workplace is careless in checking the eligibility.

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        Wait, so it's up to the workplace to check ensure eligibility of the staff? She/they weren't sure if she was eligible due to the limited and misleading information, so they submitted for her and assumed they wouldn't grant it if she wasn't eligible.

        I'd assume the ATO wouldn't allow you to signup or allow payment if you weren't on an eligible visa no?

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          if you look up at the JobKeeper Mega Thread discussion, the employers have to nominate their employees and get the application forms signed by them.

          bear in mind, your wife is getting paid directly by her employer and not the government. the JobKeeper payment is a subsidy from the government. I reckon if her employer's JobKeeper application for her nomination is rejected in the future. nothing can be done to force her to pay back to the company.

          check out the step 2 to nominate employees. only name, dob and tfn.

          • @PissLUR: Ah, I see. Thanks for the info.

            I've just told her to try not spend it if possible just in case it needs to be paid back. Although we'll have to dip into it when the next months rent comes around as we've not been able to secure a rent reduction.

            Good to know its on the workplace though, I'm sure they'll be flexible in paying it back if required as they're pretty empathetic to our circumstances and trying to help etc.

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            @PissLUR: So apparently her employer tried to register a few other staff to jobkeeper but we're denied on the ATO's website due to their visa status's but my partner's was accepted… So there is some sort of check by the ATO and hers was accepted. 🤔

  • I'm also on 820, still waiting for 801. I applied for job keeper and job seeker but got rejected for both. So I think you better double check with the ATO otherwise you'll eventually have to pay the money back :(

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    Hi everyone! So in the meantime, I have been granted my 801 visa and I am now eligible for (part of) the JobSeeker payments :)

    For anyone who has already applied for their or their partner's 801 visa but is waiting for it to be granted, you can fill in the following form requesting them to prioritize your application if you are affected by Covid. I emailed them on the 2 year mark and got my visa granted 4 days later! Good luck!

    • Thats great news Amy, congrats!

      We're going to take a look. How did you find out about this? Just to clarify, were you on the 820?

      • Hi! Sorry only seeing this now. Thanks! I joined the Partner Visa Australia Facebook group and saw other people doing the same so I thought I'd give it a try! My timeline:
        Applied for 820 on 21 June 2018
        Granted 820 on 19 September 2019
        Got an email that I could apply for the 801 on 21 May 2020, applied same day.
        Sent an email to request them to prioritize on the 22nd of June and got it granted on the 26th of June!

        • Wow, thats insanely fast!

          We applied for the 801 in Jan 2020 and still waiting :(

          • @SkMed: Give the form a try! I've only seen fast results from other people as well! Good luck!

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